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Proposed Canon

This is a reference page for all known city levels.

List of Cities by Level

Level City Name Details
8 Gobwin Knob Theoretical level once defensive bonuses are consideredErf-b1.5-p002Same-site.PNG.
5 Charlescomm Base level of the lone city of CharlescommErf-b1.5-p046Same-site.PNG; however, its effective level might be supplemented by the additional "truly murderous defenses".
Dhrystone Jetstone city. Erf-b1.5-p040Same-site.PNG At level five, it can pop a stack of eight pikers or one of six stabbers per turn, or one Gump every third turn.
I'm Coming For You Stanley (formerly named Gobwin Knob) Base level of 5 without defensive bonuses,Erf-b1.5-p002Same-site.PNG and the apparent natural maximum level of a city. Now the only remaining New Faq city. Jillian was interrupted before ordering destructive foraging that would have reduced it to a 4.Erf-b3-p289Same-site.PNG
Spacerock Gobwin Knob city (formerly controlled by Jetstone)
Efbaum Former Capital.IPTSF Text 51
4 Transylvito Technical level of Transylvito Erf-b1.5-p017Same-site.PNG due to the minor outer walls, although the difficulty of approach might make for an effective higher level.
Faq Capital of FaqErf-b1.5-p37Same-site.PNG, claimed by Transylvito.
Unaroyal Capital of Unaroyal
Goodminton Capital of Goodminton.IPTSF Text 3
Kiloton Haffaton cityIPTSF Text 11
Forecastle Seaworld city. (Forecastle pops Dukes, and so we can be certain that it is higher than a Level 3 city, which pop Counts. But Joseph Forecastle still requested that the city be upgraded, and so we can be certain that it is not yet a Level 5 city.)
3 Kona Jitterati city sacked by FaqErf-b1.5-p049Same-site.PNG
Spatula Transylvito city
Orgchart Gobwin Knob city
2 Aqua Velva Transylvito cityErf-b1.5-p013Same-site.PNG
Chocula Transylvito city seized from CarpoolErf-b1.5-p47Same-site.PNG
Shana-Na Transylvito city
Otoh Faq farming cityErf-b1.5-p37Same-site.PNG, recently seized by Transylvito
Kibo Faq farming cityErf-b1.5-p37Same-site.PNG, recently seized by Transylvito
Valdez Jitterati city conquered by FaqErf-b1.5-p049Same-site.PNG and apparently razed.
Warchalking Gobwin Knob city retaken from Unaroyal
Plankton Haffaton cityIPTSF Text 11
Eagle's Gift Eagle Keys city
Motoroyal Unaroyal city, razed by Gobwin Knob
1 Gobwin Knob Base ranking at the nadir of the Battle for Gobwin KnobErf-b1-p133Same-site.PNG
Pantstown City disputed by Haggar and JetstoneErf-b1.5-p040Same-site.PNG
White Castle City disputed by Jitterati and Transylvito
Frankburger Goodminton city
Hamfurter Goodminton city


The color used for the leftmost column indicates the city's current side. The color used for the rightmost column indicates its original side (or last-known side).

Side Color Key
Eagle Keys and Seaworld
Gobwin Knob
Haffaton and el-Efbaum

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