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Proposed Canon

Level is a statistic of Units. Units increase in Level by gaining experience.[1] When a Unit's Level increases, it is called "leveling".Erf-b1-p065Same-site.PNG Leveling increases a Unit's power by increasing statistics and granting access to new abilities. The Unit's power increases linearly relative to Level.[2] The (theoretical) experience requirements for leveling are exponential, requiring croaking many more enemies (or enemies worth more experience) to increase a Level than the previous level.[3] Although there is no maximum Level, levels beyond 10 or 11 are extremely difficult to attain.[4] Because of the immense Experience requirement, surpassing Level 20 is very rare.

It is possible, though difficult, to gain levels by training alone. Artemis went from level 6 to level 7 this way, while managing a city: it took her 640 turns. She also trained up her knights this way.LIAB Text 50

Known Unit Levels

Units marked with an asterisk (*) are currently croaked, or dusted.

Level Unit Name Details
12 Olive Branch* Overlord and Chief Caster (Hippiemancy) of HaffatonIPTSF Text 49. Croaked attempting to escape from Efbaum.
11 Isaac Cipher Barbarian Thinkamancer, strongest member of the Great Minds and master class in both Thinkamancy and Lookamancy. Adept in Foolamancy. 21,500 turns old.
10 Prince Ansom Decrypted Warlord of Gobwin Knob, formerly Chief Warlord of Jetstone. Probably the most powerful warlord in the Royal Crown Coalition. Originally croaked in the Battle for Gobwin Knob; a decrypted unit retains the level it had had before croaking.Erf-b1-p145Same-site.PNG
Roger Victor Clarence Thinkamancer, and oldest of the Great Minds at 28,800 turns old.
Jillian Zamussels Queen of Faq,Erf-b3-p147Same-site.PNG she achieved Level 9 as barbarian mercenary prior to becoming a Ruler.
9 Bonnie Decrypted Archon of Gobwin Knob, has a level 4 leadership, formerly of Charlescomm
Prince Ossomer* Decrypted WarlordLIAB Text 47 of Jetstone, croaked by Lady Sylvia, decrypted by Wanda Firebaugh, turned back to Jetstone, and finally dusted in action at Spacerock.
Tisha* Thinkamancer, member of the Great Minds who helped create the spell used to Summon Parson. 20,200 turns old. Apparently croaked in Charlie's bombing of the Temple of the Thinkamancers.
8 Artemis Decrypted Warlady of Gobwin Knob, formerly of Jetstone.Erf-b2-pT50Same-site.PNG Currently garrisoned in Magic Kingdom, prisoner of barbarian casters.
A.V. Club* Thinkamancer, member of the Great Minds who works closely with Isaac Cipher. 14,100 turns old. Apparently croaked in Charlie's bombing of the Temple of the Thinkamancers.
Georgia Power* Decrypted Warlady of Gobwin Knob, formerly of Hobbittm. Dusted by Marie.
7 Pierce Chief Healomancer of Jetstone. Currently "bucking for an eight." Erf-b2-pT41Same-site.PNG
Pamelor* Master Thinkamancer, originally popped in Hoffspace. Currently the youngest of the Great Minds. 2,900 turns old. Apparently croaked in Charlie's bombing of the Temple of the Thinkamancers.
6 Duncan Scone* Chief Warlord of New Faq. Croaked by Marie and Georgia during their raid on I'm Coming For You Stanley.
Hedda Splode* Warlady of Old Faq
Lady Sylvia Lazarus* The Warlady who led Unaroyal's army of the Coalition. Croaked in the event of Volcano Uncroaking during the Battle for Gobwin Knob, decrypted by Wanda, and dusted during the Siege of Spacerock.
Vinny Doombats Chief Warlord of Transylvito.
5 Sir Webinar* Warlord of Jetstone.Erf-b1-p50Same-site.PNG Croaked in tunnel action, uncroaked by Wanda Firebaugh, and destroyed by Charlescomm Archons.
Bill Dollamancer of Transylvito Erf-b3-p154Same-site.PNG
4 Maggie Thinkamancer of Gobwin KnobErf-b3-p154Same-site.PNG
Mack Ramay* Warlord of Goodminton.IPTSF Text 17 Croaked during Goodminton's last stand.
Prince Ponzie* Heir of Transylvito. Disbanded by his father Don King.
Duke Joseph Forecastle Warlord of Seaworld and Governor of Eagle Keys
3 Parson Gotti Chief Warlord of Gobwin Knob, though he is "special"Erf-b1-p077aSame-site.PNG
Rex Cakes* Warlord of Goodminton.IPTSF Text 17 Croaked during Goodminton's last stand.
Homme de Trop* Warlord of New Faq. Croaked by Marie and Georgia during their raid on I'm Coming For You Stanley.
2 Ace Hardware Dollamancer of Gobwin Knob. Formerly of Jetstone, croaked and decrypted following Siege of Spacerock. Erf-b3-p154Same-site.PNG
Dora* Warlady of Jetstone. Comrade of Sir Webinar.Erf-b1-p50Same-site.PNG Croaked in tunnel action, uncroaked by Wanda Firebaugh, destroyed by Charlescomm Archons.
Chip Tunage* Warlord of Old Faq
Belzon* Warlord of New Faq. Croaked at the Battle of Binding Arbitration.
Bobtail* Warlord of New Faq. Croaked during the campaign for Spacerock.
Double eagle Tamed by Duke Forecastle of Seaworld
Carrie Spear* Warlady of New Faq. Croaked by Marie and Georgia during their raid on I'm Coming For You Stanley.
1 Skyy Appletini Warlady of Transylvito
Prince Albert Heir of New Faq
Zhopa Twoll Lackey of Gobwin KnobLIAB Text 48
Bart Lightrail* Warlord of Old Faq. Croaked by Wanda.
Don King* King of Transylvito (level one as of Ponzie's abortive coup). Croaked by Bunny.

Estimated Unit Levels

It was implied by Stanley that Uncroaked Warlords can continue to level, at least until they fully decay.Erf-b1-p055Same-site.PNG

Perhaps separately, the term "level" is also used as a statistic describing the defensive difficulty of a city. Improving fortifications increases a city's level; damage to a city's fortifications can reduce the level. The range for the level of a city is from 1 (weakest) through 5 (strongest).


Level City Name Details
8 Gobwin Knob Theoretical level of Gobwin Knob once defensive bonuses are consideredErf-b1.5-p002Same-site.PNG.
5 Charlescomm Base level of the Capital and lone city of CharlescommErf-b1.5-p046Same-site.PNG; however, its effective level might be supplemented by the additional "truly murderous defenses".
Dhrystone Level of the Jetstone city of Dhrystone. Erf-b1.5-p040Same-site.PNG At level five, it can pop a stack of eight pikers or one of six stabbers per turn, or one Gump every third turn.
Gobwin Knob Base level of Gobwin Knob without defensive bonusesErf-b1.5-p002Same-site.PNG, and the apparent natural maximum level of a city.
Spacerock Level of the Jetstone city of Spacerock
Efbaum Level of the former capital city Efbaum IPTSF Text 51
4 Transylvito Technical level of Transylvito Erf-b1.5-p017Same-site.PNG due to the minor outer walls, although the difficulty of approach might make for an effective higher level.
Faq Level of the capital city of FaqErf-b1.5-p37Same-site.PNG
Goodminton Level of Goodminton (the eponymous side's capital city)IPTSF Text 3
Kiloton Level of the Haffaton city of KilotonIPTSF Text 11
3 Kona Level of the Jitterati city of Kona before it was sacked by FaqErf-b1.5-p049Same-site.PNG
2 Aqua Velva Level of the Transylvito city of Aqua VelvaErf-b1.5-p013Same-site.PNG
Chocula Level of the Transylvito city of Chocula after being seized from CarpoolErf-b1.5-p47Same-site.PNG
Otoh Level of the Faq farming city of OtohErf-b1.5-p37Same-site.PNG
Kibo Level of the Faq farming city of KiboErf-b1.5-p37Same-site.PNG
Valdez Level of the Jitterati city of Valdez before it was conquered by FaqErf-b1.5-p049Same-site.PNG
Warchalking Level of the Unaroyal city of Warchalking just before Gobwin Knob retook it
Plankton Level of the Haffaton city of PlanktonIPTSF Text 11
Eagle's Gift Level of the Eagle Keys city of Eagle's Gift
1 Gobwin Knob Base ranking of Gobwin Knob at the nadir of the Battle for Gobwin KnobErf-b1-p133Same-site.PNG
Pantstown Level of Pantstown, a city disputed by Haggar and JetstoneErf-b1.5-p040Same-site.PNG


According to Scripture, analyzing one's performance, such as in combat or casting, is part of the process of leveling. Leveling in Erfworld might not just be an automatic process of killing things and earning points, like in a normal game, but a way of permanently retaining and reflecting a unit's actual training. A unit that self reflects often may well level up faster than a unit that does not.

Golems and basic uncroaked infantry may not have Levels.

Caesar Borgata, Viscount of Vitalis, Chief Warlord of Transylvito, has a high Leadership bonus and is a capable combatant, and would seem to be in the 8-10 range. He also rather effortlessly held off Jillian's attack, which, considering she's a Level 9 focused on melee, may put him at level 10.

It's possible that leveling is based on groups of 8. As an example: Bob, a Level 2 stabber, would need to croak 8 Level 2 Gobwins to reach Level 3. Alternatively, if Bob were fighting weaker Level 1 Marbits, it would take 16 to level. Alternatively if, via Luckamancy perhaps, Bob managed to croak a level 5 Warlord, he would immediately level from that single opponent.

If this is true, Bogroll would've gone from level 4 to level 6 when he croaked Ansom, as each 3 levels of difference between opponents accounts for 1 full level in terms of experience gain.

Stanley states that Gobwin Knob is the toughest defensive position in the known worldErf-b1-p23Same-site.PNG, which would follow that no cities have a higher level or have defensive bonuses and levels equaling 8, presuming that Stanley was repeating established fact and not boasting.


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