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Proposed Canon

Level is a statistic of Units. Units increase in Level by gaining experience.[1] When a Unit's Level increases, it is called "leveling".Erf-b1-p065Same-site.PNG Leveling increases a Unit's power by increasing statistics and granting access to new abilities. The Unit's power increases linearly relative to Level.[2] The (theoretical) experience requirements for leveling are exponential, requiring croaking many more enemies (or enemies worth more experience) to increase a Level than the previous level.[3] Although there is no maximum Level, levels beyond 10 or 11 are rare and difficult to achieve.[4] Because of the immense Experience, requirement surpassing Level 20 is very rare.

Known Values

Bogroll levelled twice after killing Ansom, a level 10 Chief Warlord, and so at the time of his death, was at least level 3. Sizemore also gained 2 levels during the Battle for Gobwin Knob, and so is a minimum of level 3.


Jillian Zamussels described herself, Sir Webinar, and Dora as "a 9," "a 5," and "a 2," respectively.Erf-b1-p050Same-site.PNG However, these numbers were not specifically identified as levels, and may refer to some other trait such as leadership.

Golems and basic uncroaked infantry may not have Levels. Uncroaked Warlords can level.


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