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This is an attempt to formulate the Laws of Physics for Erfworld:

The laws of Conservation

  1. An equal amount of juice going into a spell results in an equal amount of magic being stored.
  2. An equal number of Shmuckers being spent produces something with the same value of Shmuckers.
    1. example: a gem worth 10,000 shmuckers is created by converting 10,000 shmuckers through Moneymancy.
  3. Numbers can neither be created nor destroyed; they can only change form.
    1. Corollary One: Mathamancy can describe Numbers, but may not directly change Numbers.
    2. Corollary Two: For every change in Luckamancy, there is an equal and opposite change in Luckamancy.

The laws of Entropy (like the 2nd law of Thermodynamics)

  1. If you replace Motion with Juice through Croakamancy, eventually the Juice will be used up moving the croaked unit.
  2. The amount of juice used when casting from a scroll is always less than the amount of juice used to create the scroll, the rest being lost to 'storing' the spell in scroll form.
    1. Example: If Y is the cost in juice to cast a Croakamancy spell and Z is the juice cost of the same spell in Scroll form, then Z - Y = X, the amount of juice 'lost' to storing that spell in scroll form. Thus the total amount of juice is conserved, while accounting for the fact that a scroll costs more in juice than its conventionally cast equivalent.