Larry Ansell

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Larry Ansell
Race: Men
Faction: Haffaton
Class: Warlord
Level: 7

Proposed Canon

Larry Ansell was a Level 7 Warlord in Haffaton at the time Wanda was popped.IPTSF Text 13 He is described as "a sturdy man with a shaggy mane of brown hair and a robust beard to match" wearing "silver scale mail" and wrapped up in a "heavy cape of fiat panda fur".IPTSF Text 13

Larry ambushes Goodminton forces led by Tommy Firebaugh and Wanda at Kiloton together with help from Olive Branch and her Flower Power.IPTSF Text 13

Real World References

"Cape of fiat panda fur" refers both to black and white livery of Haffaton and Italian car Fiat Panda.