Lady Sylvia Lazarus

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Lady Sylvia Lazarus
Race: Decrypted, (Men)
Faction: Gobwin Knob, (formerly Unaroyal)
Class: Warlord
Special: Leadership

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: TBFGK 49

Lady Sylvia Lazarus, nicknamed Scarlet by the readership before she had an official name, was an Unaroyal Warlord.

She appeared again in the Battle of Expository Bridge, now decrypted and serving Gobwin Knob. LIAB 7:4 She is the one who croaked Ossomer LIAB_10:7


Sylvia was the highest ranking Warlord in Unaroyal's contingent in the Royal Crown Coalition. She served as an advisor to Prince Ansom and was the voice for her side as a member of the Royal Crown Coalition War Council. She was one of only four warlords at Ansom's table on the penultimate night of the siege; Erf-b1-p101Same-site.PNG - the others being Duke Nozzle, the Blue Warlord, and the Superfluous Warlord.

She retrieved the Arkenpliers from Ansom's body when he was croakedErf-b1-p132Same-site.PNG and was in possession of them for a short whileErf-b1-p137Same-site.PNG before she croaked along with the rest of the Royal Crown Coalition in the eruption of the volcano.

Before she had been officially named, Rob Balder commented that 'Scarlet" is the Jek Tono Porkins[1] of Erfworld.'WoT-6085467, in reference to Sylvia's apparent death in TBFGK 137.

Real world reference

Lady Sylvia Lazarus is a reference to Sylvia Plath, who wrote a poem entitled "Lady Lazarus". The poem in LIAB Text 8 is a direct allusion to it, imitating it closely with just minor alterations to adapt it to the Erfly context.

Sylvia Plath herself used the name "Lazarus" as a reference to the myth of Lazarus, the man that Jesus Christ resurrected. Such a miracle made this myth very powerful and influential throughout history in the entire Christendom, so do not be surprised if you can name a dozen other "Lazarus" that this could refer to. It doesn't. With the variant of the poem and the "in tribute" notice by Rob at the end of it, it is quite evident that there is one reference that is meant, not any of the countless others.


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