LIAB Epilogue 25:1/Text

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Sleeping, live everything else in Erfworld, had a few weird quirks. On Earth, Parson depended on an alarm clock. He'd slam the snooze bar three or four times before downing an energy drink and eventually forcing himself out of bed.

Here, he hadn't needed one. Even on the nights when he'd been up late in the battle room with Jack, he woke up easily at dawn. He never needed a nap, and although he still got cold soda with his rations, his caffeine dependency was gone. This place had done things to his brain, some of which he didn't even resent.

So the experience of waking up out of deep sleep to an alert sound was strange enough to startle him upright in bed.

The room was dark, the bed unfamiliar. It took him a few seconds to piece together where he was. Magic Kingdom. Dorm room at the Thinkamancers'. He'd only been asleep for about an hour...

Then the sound that had awakened him repeated itself: "TA-DA!"