LIAB Epilogue 10:2/Text

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The call felt weird. Fainter, and...something else. Had a strange...brain-taste. He could only barely see her, but she was in his head.

"Maggie!" he shouted.

"My Overlord, I apologize," said Maggie, her voice a little distorted. "We've had magical difficulties beyond our control."

"What's Hamster doing? Put him on!"

"I cannot, at this time, Lord," said Maggie. "He has asked me to tell you all is well for now, to thank you for saving his life, and to warn you to prepare the city for possible assault by air. From Charlescomm."

"Yeah, he better believe he owes me. So who hired Charlie? I thought Jetstone was broke," said Stanley, mulling it over. "Hey is Slately really croaked?"

"He is, Lord," said Maggie's voice. "And we are at war with Charlescomm itself."

Stanley shook his head. "No, Charlie fights for cash. He doesn't do that."

"Perhaps not," said Maggie, "but your Chief Warlord does. Lord Parson is intent on conquering Charlescomm as a side."

Stanley's eyebrows went up. He'd given up taking on Charlie a long time ago. It was impossible. Arkentool vs. Arkentool? The Titans didn't want that, did they?

But Hamster...Hamster did what Hamster was gonna do, right? Including the impossible. Haha, *especially* the impossible!

His lips slowly spread into a wide grin.

"Oh, cool," he said. "Yeah, I hate that guy."