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Green light in darkness. Moving figures. Elbows and knees and the clacking of armor. Whispering and breathing. Where was she?

There was no arrow in Artemis' eye, although she remembered the last glint of it before croaking. Her body was whole and alive, and it belonged to a new side. Time had passed, but she remembered nothing.

She rose and stood, rubbing shoulders with soldiers and casters alike. There were at least ninety units, all packed into a tiny, dark room. A portal room, but not Spacerock's. Where, then?

"Oh," she whispered to herself. "This is why."

It was the Titans answer. They'd cheated her for her own sake. She'd followed her Duty to Jetstone, but had given that life in battle. Her new life belonged to the Mistress. She looked around, catching just a glimpse of the Arkenpliers. There. The sight was a profound comfort.

"Okay. You should be in the groups I need you," stage-whispered a warlord. He was like a giant, with his towering bulk silhouetted against the green of a portal. Her Chief Warlord! "Stabbers, two stacks screening. Archers with the archery warlady. Now when we go out there, I want you guys to drop anybody that fires or engages. Casters, huddle up..."