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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (91)
Panel by panel (91:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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LIAB 91.jpg
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Panels: 12
Previous LIAB 90 Next LIAB 92 [edit]

Panel 1

Aerial view of Spacerock's destroyed Garrison and Atrium, where there are scattered decrypted units milling about. There are three G-RAFFs, three Battle Bear's and two LFN's are stacking with Jetstone infantry in preparation to assault the Garrison.[edit]
Tramennis: Yes, that's good!
I'll want multiple avenues of attack in.

Panel 2

Slately walks angrily towards Tramennis, who stacks in front of a lineup of caped Jetstone Warlord. Tramennis is standing in an open pose, holding his arms wide.[edit]
Tramennis: Stand by for your assignments.

Panel 3

Tramennis looks surprised as a dour Slately takes him by the arm and leads him aside.[edit]
Slately: A word in private, Prince. [edit]

Panel 4

Slately spreads his arms wide and slightly reaching to Tramennis, who stands motionless and bearing a small frown.[edit]

Slately: Charlie shall assist us.
No formal terms of alliance were reached, but for all purposes, Charlescomm is now an ally of Jetstone.

Tramennis: I see.

Panel 5

Closeup of Slately speaking. He looks up at an off panel Tramennis and seems very serious.[edit]
Slately: He has a plan to save us, and it is a sound one.
Unfortunately, yet another son of Jetstone much be must be sacrificed for it.

Panel 6

Tramennis looks resolute as he speaks to Slately, who's crown/thinking cap is rumbling.[edit]

Tramennis: I stand ready to perish for the crown, Sire.
As I have, ever and always.

SFX: rumble rumble

Panel 7

Slately has taken off his crown/Thinking cap and is holding it upside down. He reaches toward the inside of the crown, which is lit from within with a pale blue light. Slately looks calmly sad.[edit]
Slately: No, my son.
The crown
… requires more of you than merely that.

Panel 8

Slately holds a huge blue gem that's larger than his head in his right hand, the second largest seen so far since the Titanic gem in TBFGK 1. He gazes at it with a dour and unimpressed look, lowering his Thinking cap in his left hand.[edit]
Slately: Hmh. Well.
Kneel, Prince Tramennis.

Panel 9

Tramennis gets down on one knee, knealing before Slately, who crowns him with the Thinking cap.[edit]
Slately: No, the crown demands you bear it. You shall be my heir.
I so decree.
Titans guide you. Rise.

Panel 10

Tramennis gets up and looks a bit overwhelmed and confused, raising a hand to his crowned head. Slately is talking to him and raises an arm, palm upward.[edit]

Slately: The sacrifice I spake of… was the heir whom this city was due to pop. The new Prince. He now shall never be. I will lead this charge, not to take the garrison, but to take the throne.
Once seated upon it, I can change the capital from this place to the City of Jetstone.

Tramennis: And… why would you do that?

Panel 11

Upwards shot of Slately pointing at Tramennis, who raises a hands in protest. Decrypted can be seen distantly in the upper parts of the ruined Atrium.[edit]

Slately: To snap the trap shut upon the one who hunts us. Parson of Hamster.
He is coming here, via the Magic Kingdom, in a direct violation of their neutrality.

Tramennis: What? That's unconscionable!

Slately: Yes, but let him come.

Panel 12

Antium and five decrypted Infantry stand guard impassively in front of the Spacerock portal.[edit]
Slately off-panel: "Changing the capital will close the portal, you see.
Close it behind him."