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(Fair warning.)
(All three Carnymancers in this panel have since been named.)
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{{Needsimprovement|Have we identified these guys? Because until I get confirmation, I'm giving them nicknames.}}
[[Category:Frame Annotation/LIAB|90:4]]
[[Category:Frame Annotation/LIAB|90:4]]

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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Abner Washboard, Jojo, Sean and Dove look at the characters off panel. Abner is leaning low to speak to Jojo, who has his arms folded and a distant, serious look. Sean looks sullen and angry, Dove is a bit dismissive and slightly frowning.


Abner Washboard: They been thinkin' a while.

Jojo: Yes, they're negotiating.

Dove Barstool: They better not come out of it with a deal.

Sean Mattox[1] Carnymancer: We should just blast him while he's talking.