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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (84)
Panel by panel (84:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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LIAB 84.jpg
LIAB 84a.jpg

Panels: 13
Previous LIAB 83 Next LIAB 84a [edit]

Panel 1

Isaac and Parson are in Thinkspace, Isaac gestures with his palm up.[edit]

Isaac: For discretion, Chief Parson. You can break contact at any time.

Parson: Make it fast.

Isaac: Difficult.
This matter is highly complex and equally dangerous. I have no doubt you can handle both of those things. But you need time and information.

Panel 2

Downward shot from above Parson and Isaac in Thinkspace. Parson holds his arms out and palms up, arguing plaintively.[edit]

Parson: Yeah I don't have any time! I've got a battle going on right now, and I need to go lead it.
Yes! I'm interested in what you have to say. Especially about Charlie. Okay?
But we can talk about this tomorrow.

Isaac: No.
We can't.

Panel 3

In Thinkspace, Parson gestures cynically with an arm up, palm open. Isaac holds his arms out and palms up.[edit]

Isaac: If you go through the portal and perish, all is lost. But if you win your battle, then Jetstone will fall and this portal will close. You won't be able to return tomorrow.

Parson: Don't nitpick. You know what I mean.
You're a Thinkamancer.
We can talk by thinkagram.

Panel 4

Closeup of Isaac's face in Thinkspace, he has a focused, worried look on his face as if realizing something very troubling.[edit]
Isaac: ...
That only shows how much you need to know.

Panel 5

Upward shot of Isaac in Thinkspace. He holds a hand behind his back, and gestures up with the left as he speaks with Parson who is off panel.[edit]
Isaac: But let me ask you this.
If you go through this portal, you will make your side an enemy of the Magic Kingdom itself.
Is that in your best strategic interest?

Panel 6

Shot from just behind Isaac's head in Thinkspace, Parson folds his arms across his chest, a disbelieving expression on his face.[edit]

Parson: That's my call to make.

Isaac: It certainly is. But make it an informed choice. You cannot afford a mistake. Charlie would like nothing better.

Maggie: Headmaster!

Panel 7

Maggie is running towards Parson and Isaac in Thinkspace, looking agitated. Both have turned to look at her sudden appearance.[edit]
Maggie: I will thank you not to...
... put my Chief Warlord into thinkspace without...
... my mind on the call!

Panel 8

Pierce is holding a caduceus[1] topped magic staff casting a healing spell over the incapacitated Tramennis, who is laid out on a stone slab outside the Spacerock Garrison. King Slately, Ace, Lloyd and a few Knights are there.[edit]
Pierce: Kildare, Doogie, Welby...
Quinn, Becker, House...[2]

Panel 9

We get to see Tramennis' blurry vision as he partly opens his eyes. There is an indistinct shape in front of him.[edit]
No text. [edit]

Panel 10

The first thing Tramennis sees is the skull-painted face of King Slately, his thin smile seeming macabre thanks to the signamancy makeup.[edit]
Tramennis: Father? [edit]

Panel 11

Tramennis sits up with a cheerful grin directed at Slately. Ace claps a relieved Pierce in the back for a job well done.[edit]
Tramennis: You're alive.
I'm alive!
You look grotesque.

Panel 12

Tramennis gets up and looks worried. Slately holds his arms out to reassure him.[edit]

Slately: Thank you, son.
That was the idea.

Tramennis: What's our tactical position?
Whom have we lost?

Panel 13

Tramennis looks at an off panel Slately with raised eyebrows incredulously. The knights behind him are smiling at the joke.[edit]
Tramennis: Wait–
Do you mean to tell me that you were late in descending the tower because you were putting on your make-up?


  1. ^Caduceus  The two headed snake staff is a Caduceus, the traditional staff signifying healers. Wikipedia article
  2. ^Doctors  These are the names of television doctors; Dr. Kildare, Doogie Howser M.D., Marcus Welby M.D., Dr Quinn Medicine Woman, Becker and House