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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 9
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Panel 1

A view from above of the City of Jetstone, showing great destruction from the fall of the Tower of Jenga.[edit]
Ossomer: All units, stack to me! Screen for King Slately ! [edit]

Panel 2

Ossomer issues orders. Behind him are a Unipegataur ridden by a none too steady Ace Hardware and an Orly.[edit]
Ossomer: Wall archers! Full volleys at enemy flyers!
At will, and to exhaustion!

Panel 3

Several dozen Jetstone Archers on the Garrison wall knock their arrows and are ready to fire, a Warlord has his sword raised ready to give the order.[edit]
Jetstone Archer: Targets by the Countess' priorities!
Set! Serve!

Panel 4

Four stacks of 32 Jetstone Archers are on the Outer Walls firing arrows at retreating Decrypted Archons. Each stack is led by a Warlord. Of the six escaping archons, two are hit by arrows and one is using a veil, she looks back at one of the struck archons.[edit]

Sock-hop Archon 1: I'm hit!
Help me, Charlie...

Sock-hop Archon 2: Ah!

Stewardess Archon: We shouldn't've been sitting around like dolls this whole time, waiting for orders!

Title: Issue 3: Lots of Sects, and Violence

Panel 5

An archon, dressed in a 1960's style stewardess uniform is clearly flying quickly and pointing forward, as she gives orders to the other archons.[edit]

Stewardess Archon: Make 8-stacks and counter!

Close and engage all those casters physically!

Everyone else, fire on the Ruler!

Panel 6

A view from below of at least six Archons. Archons 2 and 3 is dressed in a 60's style stewardess uniform, as well as two other non-talking Archons. Archon 3's red panties are clearly visible, with only a side view for the other three stewardess archons. Archons 1 and 4 are dressed in 50's style poodle skirts, as the view is from below, it is evident they are wearing multiple petticoats.[edit]

Archon 1: We should baffle!

Archon 2: No, veil!

Archon 3: No! We still have numbers! Just get above and below!

Archon 4: Right!
Sunside! Hurry Up!

Panel 7

Closeup of a blonde stewardess Archon, she's worried and yelling.[edit]
Blonde Stewardess Archon: What are you doing? Ossomer's screening, we gotta take him out before anything else! [edit]

Panel 8

Three archons converse as they fly the (not so) friendly skies of Jetstone.[edit]

Archon 1 (dressed as Pan-Am stewardess): What? He can't screen us all!

Archon 2 (dressed in 50's sock-hop dress): She's unraveled.

Archon 3 (dressed in 50's sock-hop dress): No, She's right. Get him.

Panel 9

Three Archons in mid-air discuss the situation they are in. Two are dressed in 1950's style "soc" dresses, and the other in a TWA-style stewardess outfit.[edit]

Red-headed Sock-hop Archon: Wait, what are we supposed to do?

Brunette Stewardess Archon: Just close and fight someone.
Mind the leadership gap.