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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (72)
Panel by panel (72:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 14
Previous LIAB 71 Next LIAB 73 [edit]

Panel 1

Back in Spacerock, Ossomer hovers on his rolled flying carpet and looks anguished as Slately addresses him from the balcony of the Tower of Jenga.[edit]

Slately: You do not know!

If you did, you would not serve Stanley!

You would turn back to me now!

Panel 2

Ossomer sadly addresses a furious Slately. Ace, gesturing with a blaster, Cubbins, and many Jetstone troops are in the background.[edit]

Ossomer: No, isn't possible.

Ace: Highness! We're ready!

Ossomer: But Father, I do yet know honor.

Panel 3

Slately angrily points down. In the background, Ace and Cubbins discuss, while Jetstone troops stand at attention.[edit]

Slately: Then show me this much, son.

Stay right where you are now.

Panel 4

An angry Slately turns away from an anguished Ossomer.[edit]
Slately: Stand fast, and be speedily dispatched! [edit]

Panel 5

Numerous casters stand around the exit of the tunnel in Portal Park: Maggie's small glowing blue head and shoulders projection hovers above the exit, which is encircled (counterclockwise) by Roger Victor Clarence; Isaac; Tisha; Phillip; Empress Saltina; and A.V. Club. The old lady predictamancer in purple cape leans on her cane behind the Inner Circle style predictamancer.[edit]

Maggie: ... which I would consider a reasonable compromise. Now wouldn't you agree?

Phillip: Hi guys! What's going on here?

Panel 6

An angry Roger Victor Clarence, and Pamelor flank a glowing head and shoulders image of Maggie. The green and violet trees of Portal Park are in the background.[edit]

Roger Victor Clarence: It's not any of your business, Predictamancer.

Maggie: Yes, we're --

Oh dear.

Panel 7

The dimly lit Gobwin Knob portal room. Maggie turns with a worried expression to see Stanley rushing in through the doorway, his red cape flying out behind him. Zhopa follows him, walking.[edit]
Stanley: Maggie! What's going on here? Where's Hamster? [edit]

Panel 8

Cubbins and Ace enthusiastically describe their creations to Slately.[edit]

Ace: So, the armor plate will let you fly at will, Sire.

Cubbins: And the crown's a Thinking Cap. They can't fool or confound you.

Slately: I see.

Ace: The scepter's ranged Shockamancy, like Ossomer's bracer. Hold it this way...

Panel 9

In the foreground, the backs of Ace, Cubbins, and Slately are seen as they speak to the assembled guards and warriors. About eleven guards are present, with two unipegataurs, one of which is carrying Pierce on his back. It is likely there is someone on the back of the other unipegataur, but unclear exactly who it is. The Jetstone shield of arms is clearly visible.[edit]

Ace: And the cape will negate one blast.

Slately: Mm, and what about war paint?
I told you I want fearsome Signamancy!
To face the enemy – or the Titans – as the warrior leader I ought to have been all along!

Panel 10

A view of King Slately standing in front of six or so of his guards, with a ray gun in his right hand, wearing a red robe with various adornments. His visage is that of an alien from the movie "Mars Attacks!"[1].[edit]
Either Ace or Cubbins: Oh, I've .. Uh, already taken the liberty, Your Highness. [edit]

Panel 11

Parson and Isaac continue to talk. There is the appearance of a forest land creature, perhaps a squirrel head or the head of a turtle in the aqua colored doorway near Isaac's word balloon.[edit]

Parson: What's going on here ?
Why did Maggie break her call?

Isaac: Warlord, we're not prepared to bargain over this.
Now, please...

Panel 12

Parson and Isaac turn their head to look at Jack Snipe as he is poking his head through a portal to the Magic Kingdom, and commenting on the scene.[edit]
Jack Snipe: Ah, hello again! What's going on here? [edit]

Panel 13

Sylvia on the back of a purple dwagon, chastises her dragon, who is seen enhaling with a "sniffft" sound effect.[edit]

Sylvia: D'you lazy monsters call yourselves seige?
C'mon, what's going on here?
Breathe !

purple dwagon: SNIFFFFFT

Panel 14

The Tower of Jenga is seen vibrating to a sonic attack.[edit]

Sound Effect: Boom !

Sound Effect: Crack !

Sound Effect: Crumble !