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[[Category:Frame Annotation/LIAB|066:10]]
[[Category:Frame Annotation/LIAB|066:10]]

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Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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LIAB 66.jpg

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LIAB 67.jpg

View up the stairs from Sizemore's tunnel looking at a group of casters who are standing in front of the portal to Spacerock. Isaac stands in the center of the group, with an Alyx Vance-like Thinkamancer, a Empress Sanaki-like thinkamancer, and a Morticia Addams-like thinkamancer on his right, and a Clarence Thomas-like Thinkamancer, a Romulan-like thinkamancer, and a blonde aerobics instructor-style thinkamancer to his left.


Isaac: Parson Gotti?

We are friends!

We received word from your Thinkamancer you'd be coming.