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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (64)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 14
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Panel 1

Parson, still holding his sword, looks skeptical.[edit]

Parson: That's, um... That's a hell of a claim. [1]

Jefftichew: I can prove it!

Panel 2

Jefftichew, looking urgent and determined.[edit]

Jefftichew: But there's no time.

Drop the staff.

Let me cast it now.

Panel 3

Jefftichew gestures frantically at Parson who stands in indecision.[edit]

Parson: I'll... have to think it over, Jojo.

Jefftichew: Don't delay!
Act now!
It's free!

I'm standing by! [2]

Panel 4

Parson looks over his shoulder as both he and Jefftichew are surprised as Sizemore busts into the tunnel.[edit]
Sound Effect: Bust! [edit]

Panel 5

Sizemore, wielding his shovel, breaks through a tunnel wall and looks around. Behind him, the feet and lower bodies of Marie and Janis are visible as they descend the newly created stairs.[edit]
Sizemore: Warlord! [edit]

Panel 6

Sizemore, eyes narrowed, points his shovel at Jefftichew and takes up position before Parson, who looks on indulgently.[edit]

Sizemore: I'm stacking.

Parson: 'kay.

Panel 7

The women have descended the stairs and entered the tunnel through the hole in the wall.

Marie, frantic, cries out and clutches her robes, while Janis, behind her, responds with calm determination.

Marie: Don't let him cast that!

Janis: I won't.

Panel 8

Janis, seen from behind, raises two fingers of her right hand in a peace sign at Jeftichew, while green sparkles trail and surround her right hand. In the foreground, Parson's side and shoulder can be seen.[edit]

Janis: Give me love, Jojo.[3]

Jeftichew: No.


Janis: Yes.

Panel 9

Janis continues to hold her fingers in a peace sign while another upside peace sign is behind her, in the background [4][edit]
Janis: Give me Love. Give me... Peace on Erf. [edit]

Panel 10

Jefftichew is mesmerized by Flower Power. The magic word "AVEDON"[5] appears over his head.[edit]
Sound Effect: AVEDON[6] [edit]

Panel 11

Jeftichew looks at the fading glowing orange remnants of Janis's spell. A flower remains in his hair.[edit]

Sound Effect: *sigh*

Jeftichew: You know...

It don't come easy.[7]

Panel 12

Jefftichew chucks the scroll at Parson[edit]

Jeftichew: Here!

You Erf-bound, great white whale!

Panel 13

Sizemore dodges the thrown scroll, and Parson catches it in the crook of his arm without dropping the staff or sword.

Jeftichew is in the foreground, glancing back.

Jefftichew: Use that in case you're ever feeling free will-y.[8]

Hurry, hurry!

Panel 14

Janis, Sizemore, Parson and Marie watch Jeftichew run back down the tunnel.[edit]
Jefftichew: This Way to the Egress![9] [edit]


^ Stereotypical lines from direct response television marketing to get the viewer to purchase the advertised product.

^  Reference to a famous Richard Avedon photograph of George Harrison, see

^ "It don't come easy" was a 1971 song by Ringo Starr and George Harrison. One of the lines could be read as a response to Janis's "Peace" spell: "Peace, remember peace is how we make it."