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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 14
Previous LIAB Text 42 Next LIAB Text 43 [edit]

Panel 1

Wide interior stairs leading down to the Spacerock dungeon are the scene of a sword battle. A large stream of Wanda Firebaugh's Decrypted, descending, are pushing back outnumbered Jetstone troops attempting to hold them back. In the background, Wanda is reanimating a fallen defender. Jack Snipe is by her side.[edit]
There is no text in this panel. [edit]

Panel 2

Wanda's red and black clad Decrypted continue to press the yellow red and grey liveried defenders. The four Jetstone infantry troops at the front of the previous panel are now Decrypted and at the front fighting Jetstone. One Jetstone defender is shown hurtling through the air into the mass of Gobwin Knob troops after being lifted and thrown by an attacker.[edit]
There is no text in this panel. [edit]

Panel 3

Wanda, Jack, and a soldier stand in front of the undefended portal. It glows blue, and is topped by the Jetstone radish emblem. Wanda is reanimating two of the three visible bodies lying on the carpet leading to the portal by gesturing with the Arkenpliers.[edit]
Maggie: "Spacerock's portal has been secured, Lord." [edit]

Panel 4

Parson directs Sizemore to the green glowing Gobwin Knob portal, pillars wrapped by golden dwagon designs.[edit]

Parson: Go now.

Try to be discreet about it, but hurry.

Panel 5

Sizemore, carrying his shovel, looks back from in front of the green glowing portal.[edit]
Parson: Go! [edit]

Panel 6

Sizemore's legs are last to disappear through the portal, as Parson and Maggie look on, limned by the green glow.[edit]
Benjamin: "What's it for, Don?" [edit]

Panel 7

Don King in his throne addresses Benjamin across the desk.

Bunny stands beside the throne and a female vampire in black nightgown with red trim perches on the throne back.

Don King: Just make the gem, Benjamin.

's an order.

Benjamin: What's it for, Don?

Panel 8

Benjamin, seated behind the desk, gestures worriedly.[edit]

Don King: You don't need to know-

Benjamin: Excuse me, I think I do.

As your Moneymancer and your friend, I am very worried right now. So Don, tell me. What's it for?

Panel 9

Don King rests his head on folded hands.[edit]
Don King: Benny... [edit]

Panel 10

Side view of Don King and Benjamin facing off across the desk. King has his hands clasped across his midriff, Benjamin's arms are folded. The desk has a large red quill, and stands beside an arched window with bat design.[edit]

Don King: It's a loan to King Slately, arright? So he can designate his son an heir. If he falls in battle, their-

Benjamin: We can't afford it.

Panel 11

Benjamin, gesturing and speaking angrily.[edit]

Don King: He'll pay it back in nine turns. With real good interest. Okay?

We have a contract...

Benjamin: Jetstone ain't gonna last nine turns.

You hear Caesar out there talkin', it ain't even a good bet they'll last through this one!

Panel 12

Don King, leaning forward, entreating.[edit]

Don King: Yeah.

That's why they need the loan, Benny.

Panel 13

Don King behind the desk gestures. Benjamin, now standing in front, rejects the King's order. Bunny stands by, impassively. A portrait of a woman with pink skin and blue eyes (unlike the greyish skin and red eyes of the Transylvito Vampires) hangs on the wall.[edit]

Don King: Caesar doesn't know what's at stake here. Don't listen to him.

Benjamin: No, Don. I'm sorry.

Panel 14

Benjamin turns away, holding up a warding hand.[edit]
Benjamin: Before I can dump most of our pitiful treasury into a gem you wanna loan to a shaky side, hearing what Caesar thinks is exactly what I gotta do. [edit]