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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 16
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Panel 1

Wanda, still stunned from her fall reaches up to Jack's outstretched hand.[edit]

Wanda: What...

What is happening?

Panel 2

Arrows are falling over the courtyard, dwagons of various colors and Jetstone units lay croaked amid piles of battlecrap. Wanda and Jack are standing by her croaked (harvested) red dwagon talking, some Jetstone and Gobwin Knob units remain alive.[edit]

Jack: We're scattered across the drop zone, in among the enemy.

We should find leadership, regroup, and stack up.

Panel 3

Wanda has a determined look, she massages her wrist while speaking. Jack and her red are in the background.[edit]

Wanda: Yes.

All right.

Panel 4

Jack holds up his cane and speaks with a mildly amused expression. Wanda looks up with interest. Arrows are still falling, some living Jetstone units are in the background.[edit]
Jack: Also, it seems there's a little hole in the roof? [edit]

Panel 5

Duke Antium is looking at Jack and Wanda talking across the courtyard, there are several croaked dwagons between them.[edit]

Jack: I can't imagine how that happened. But it's letting in some of that Jetstone weather I so dislike.

Wanda: Weather.

Panel 6

Wanda gazes calmly into the distance as two arrows come dangerously close to hitting her. Jack is visibly surprised and leaning away from the arrows as he speaks.[edit]

Jack: That.

You see.

Sound: MYTH


Panel 7

Wanda turns back and decrypts her red dwagon with a flash of red magic. Jack speaks off panel, and Wanda answers as she decrypts the dwagon.[edit]

Slately: Crude, barbarous... Impudent.

Wanda: Indeed.


Panel 8

In the tower of Jenga arrows are flying overhead as King Slately demands Tramennis order an attack. Tramennis turns to him with a very serious look. Ossomer's head is visible over the railing with a dejected look.[edit]

King Slately: Prince. Gather your men.

Scour that stain of filth from this honored castle.

Tramennis: Father...

Panel 9

Tramennis has a dead serious look as he gazes ahead and speaks. Arrows are flying overhead.[edit]

Tramennis: Understand.

We are now in quite serious trouble.

Panel 10

Tramennis is speaking off panel. The newly decrypted plated red dwagon has stood up with its back to Duke Antium. A live yellow dwagon with several arrows sticking to it is on the atrium's Mainway leading to the tower in the distance. Duke Antium is holding a spear in his left hand.[edit]

Tramennis: We must plan quickly, giving our foremost consideration to the preservation of your life.

Adam Antium: Oh...

Not twice, demoness.

Panel 11

The decrypted red dwagon is standing and shielding Wanda and Jack from the arrows. It sniffs the air and gets a grumpy look.[edit]

Red Dwagon: Grmph.

Sound: *sniff*

Panel 12

Duke Antium raises the spear in his left arm with a triumphant look as he rounds the decrypted red dwagon and threatens Wanda. Jack looks surprised, Wanda is calm. An arrow is rapidly heading towards Antium from above.[edit]
Adam Antium: Not twice! [edit]

Panel 13

Antium is shot through the back by a stray Jetstone arrow, knocking off his helmet. The decrypted red dwagon is standing in the background.[edit]
Sound: THWART [edit]

Panel 14

The arrow is coming out through the Jetstone Radish crest of his armor, his missing right arm and burnt cape from acidic battlecrap are highly visible. He uses the spear to slow his fall, eyes closes, he chockes out his last words.[edit]
Adam Antium: Not... [edit]

Panel 15

Duke Antium croaks, little X's appearing on his eyes as his expression turns to a frown.[edit]
No text in this panel. [edit]

Panel 16

Wanda speaks emotionlessly as she decrypts Antium in a show of red magic. Jack puts the top of his cane to his chin as he speaks, an amused expression on his face as he looks at the continuing rain of arrows. The decrypted red dwagon is standing behind them. A still living green dwagon is on the Atrium's elevated walkways, staring down Jetstone Infantry.[edit]

Jack: No... I really can't see how the locals stand this climate.

Wanda: Found leadership.