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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Looking at Ansom as he rejoins his forces, his back still turned to the Jetstone side. On the left side of the panel, we see a male unit with gray skin in black armor and helm with finlike protrusions and highlights of blue, yellow, and purple.[1] On the right side, we see Wanda Firebaugh[2] mounted on a pink dwagon. Both are looking at Ansom, and the unit on the left is smiling slightly.


Ansom: Dispel the veil.

Jack Snipe: Aye, Warlord.

  1. ^  This unit resembles the character of Kain from the Final Fantasy 4 video game.
  2. ^  Wanda's hair is a copy of that of the Bride of Frankenstein; her outfit is reminiscent of that worn by Magenta at the end of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. At the end of the film, Magenta also wore Bride of Frankenstein hair, according to IMDB.