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<noinclude>{{subpage}}[[Category:Frame Contents]]</noinclude>
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Splash panel opens with three [[decrypted]] [[Archon]]s looking down as the [[Dwagon]]s are [[Harvest]]ed and [[Hobgobwins]] are promoted to [[Heavies]], forcing dwagons to [[Fall]] into the [[Atrium]]. One is using [[Thinkamancy]] to send a live feed of the action. Blue [[Magic]] lightning from the [[Tower of Jenga]] continues to target and [[croak]] [[Yellow Dwagon]]s.

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Splash panel opens with three decrypted Archons looking down as the Dwagons are Harvested and Hobgobwins are promoted to Heavies, forcing dwagons to Fall into the Atrium. One is using Thinkamancy to send a live feed of the action. Blue Magic lightning from the Tower of Jenga continues to target and croak Yellow Dwagons.