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Book (LIAB)
Page by page (41)
Panel by panel (41:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 14
Previous LIAB Text 31 Next LIAB 42 [edit]

Panel 1

A close view from the front and slightly above Prince Tramennis standing in a spotlight. He smiles in a disarming manner as rainbow lights play across his armor.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: I wasn't actually calling to "do business," Charlie.

Prince Tramennis: All else aside, we couldn't afford you at the moment.

Panel 2

Charlie, represented by a multicolored presentation of his name,[1] floats against a black background.[edit]

Charlie: Oh now!

Charlie: My arrangements are always personalized to the client's needs, on a case-by-case basis.

Charlie: You'd be surprised how much flexibility I'd be willing to show, to win back a lost customer like Jetstone.

Charlie: Besides, you've already earned 5000 Schmuckers in credit this turn.

Panel 3

An amused Prince Tramennis with one eyebrow raised smirks at the icon image of Charlie, which has assumed the form of a stylized apple in rainbow stripes.[2][edit]

Prince Tramennis: Have we.

Charlie: Oh yes. I've decided to offer a bounty on each Decrypted Archon.

Charlie: 5000 for each one you destroy.

Charlie: And let's say...a 25k bonus if you can capture at least one and return it to me breathing.

Panel 4

Prince Tramennis scratches his chin thoughtfully as Charlie's icon becomes a smiley-face made of rainbow dots.[3][edit]

Prince Tramennis: Interesting

Charlie: Yes, I thought you'd be intrigued, Highness.

Panel 5

Tramennis narrows his eyes, tilts his head, and gestures expansively with one hand as his epaulets begin to assume multicolored hues.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: No.

Prince Tramennis: Interesting that you'd say "it."

Prince Tramennis: So you are of the opinion of the opinion that Decrypted are more Uncroaked than alive?

Panel 6

A side view of Tramennis, now simply serious, as he stares up at Charlie's icon, which has assumed the form of a rainbow-colored disco ball. Tramennis's epaulets have shifted completely to rainbow hues.[edit]

Charlie: I'm... Hm.

Prince Tramennis: Because Queen Jillian told me she intends to turn Ansom.

Prince Tramennis: And if that is possible, then it changes things.

Prince Tramennis: Wouldn't you say?

Panel 7

Charlie has now shifted to the form of a pink bear, with a white chest and muzzle; his nose is shaped like a heart, and his arms are crossed over the stylized rainbow on his chest.[4] Tramennis, seen from behind, is still looking up at Charlie.[edit]

Charlie: I'd say...answering that question definitively would be one benefit of having at least one of my former units returned to me.

Charlie: So please do try to collect the full bounty.

Charlie: It, um, would be enough to designate you heir, you know.

Prince Tramennis: Yes, I can multiply, thank you.

Panel 8

An annoyed Tramennis glares at Charlie, who now resembles a hand reaching out of a cloud with a rainbow in its grasp.[5] The Jetstone radish livery on Tramennis's armor begins to swirl into a new shape.[edit]

Charlie: I have prepared a suggested order of battle for you, which I'm offering at a discount...

Prince Tramennis: Right. So you don't know.

Prince Tramennis: I'll have to find out on my own.

Panel 9

Tramennis's whole raiment is swirling into a new rainbow-colored form as he speaks to Charlie's icon, a cube-like object covered in a pastel checkerboard pattern, with a large question mark on the side facing Tramennis.[6][edit]

Charlie: How would you do that?

Prince Tramennis: Talk to Ossomer, to start.

Prince Tramennis: If it's possible to get my brothers back, I'd like that very much.

Panel 10

Tramennis glares over the sunglasses that have appeared on his face at Charlie's new form, a stylized flower in rainbow colors. Tramennis's raiment has taken on the appearance of a rainbow-swirl shirt.[edit]

Charlie: Um, yes. I'd... really advise against parley, Highness. In the strongest possible terms.

Prince Tramennis: Oh, and why is that, Charlie? I'm actually quite losing patience here.

Charlie: Your Highness...

Panel 11

Tramennis looks up at Charlie's color wheel icon.[edit]

Charlie: All right, you called to find out why I am in this fight.

Charlie: I don't like giving away valuable information, but you need this. Desperately.

Prince Tramennis: If you say so.

Panel 12

Charlie, in the form of three overlapping circles in red, blue, and green[7], projects a white light containing a Thinkagram-style image of Parson Gotti holding an Eyebook.[edit]

Charlie: Here...

Charlie: See.

Charlie: You were not the only man promoted to Chief Warlord this turn, Prince Tramennis.

Panel 13

The projected image of Parson glares over the open Eyebook at something unseen.[edit]

Charlie: Your new counterpart: Parson Gotti, Lord Hamster of Gobwin Knob.

Charlie: The more-than-perfect-warlord. He is the most dangerous being in Erfworld.

Panel 14

Tramennis, now clad in a tie-dye t-shirt and sunglasses,[8] rubs his chin thoughtfully as he examines the image of Parson in front of him.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: What, behind the potato[9]?

Charlie: I'll send you a dossier.


  1. ^  This is an obvious reference to the logo of the real-world website Google.
  2. ^  This is a reference to a former logo of the real-world computer company Apple.
  3. ^  The smile is made up of Skittles. Their long-running ad campaign is "Taste the Rainbow."
  4. ^  This is a reference to the real-world children's books, television shows, and movies about the Care Bears.
  5. ^  This is a reference to the Noah's Ark story from the bible.
  6. ^  This is a reference to the Item Box of the real-world video game Mario Kart and its sequels.
  7. ^ These are the three additive primary colors. Other visible colors can be formed from them by adding red, green, and blue light in various quantities. Adding all three equally (as at the central region where the three circles of color intersect) produces white light.
  8. ^ The shirt and long hair give Tramennis the look of a stereotypical hippie.
  9. ^  Parson is often likened to a potato, notably by Stanley in TBFGK 18