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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Gobwin Knob

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Panels: 12
Previous LIAB 2 Next LIAB 4 [edit]

Panel 1

Standing on the Expository Bridge, we look over the shoulders of Princes Ossomer and Tramennis at Ansom. Behind Ansom, rolling green hills dotted with trees stretch out to the horizon. Lining up from the end of the bridge is Gobwin Knob's column, featuring a number of siege towers and Battle Bears in front.

Ansom wears black and red plate armor, featuring an oversized right shoulder pad and red cape. He bears the symbol of Wanda Firebaugh on his chest, a white skull with a pink flower where the hairline should be. Ossomer is huge, his silver armor apparently riveted together at the side, also wearing a red cape, with extra-thick armor around the pelvic area. Gold trims his neckpiece, cape, and double-sectioned shoulderpad. His hair is short and black. Tramennis is much smaller, with long blonde hair and brown greco-roman shoulderpads on his silver armor. It features a Jetstone radish motif in back.

Ansom: There is good news, brothers.

If you would listen.

This battle need not be fought.

Prince Tramennis: That's terrible news.

Panel 2

Right hand on hip, left hand palm up,[1] Tramennis looks up at Ossomer and speaks. His armor is a silver breastplate bearing a large radish, and a leather skirt and shoulderpads. He is apparently wearing a white t-shirt underneath. An ornate, golden-hilted rapier hangs from his left hip. Like his brother Ansom, his eyes are blue.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: Ossomer, I told you they were marching here for tea.

And we haven't nearly enough quince tarts for this crowd.

Ansom: Tramennis...

Panel 3

Tramennis jauntily cocks an eyebrow and leans to one side, pointing at Ossomer with a thumb. For his part, Ossomer stands imposingly, arms crossed. His armor is apparently a skin-tight grey suit with a huge shoulder pad/chest guard/neck guard combination of silver trimmed in gold. On the chest plate is a large radish, and he also wears a grey sweatband on his wrist. In the background are a number of radish-shaped tents, a long column of troops, and a solitary Battle Bear amidst the camp.[edit]

Prince Tramennis: He said you were coming to destroy Jetstone.

I said "No! Not Ansom! He just misses decent pastry!"

But you really should have written ahead.

Prince Ossomer: He is here to destroy Jetstone.

Panel 4

Ansom reaches out with his right hand palm up, in a conciliatory gesture. This is offset by the huge black shoulderpad featuring a three-dimensional skull decoration and a red blade or spike. Indeed, his hand hovers just below the skull-and-flower motif of his chest plate, seemingly offering service to Wanda Firebaugh to his brothers. Behind him stretches the column, with a girraffe cloth golem slightly to one side.[edit]

Ansom: Ossomer, I am here to save

Prince Ossomer: Prince Ossomer, sirrah!

Ansom: save Jetstone.

Panel 5

Closeup on Ansom's face. We can see another skull, on the lining of his collar.[2] Behind him, the rows of siege towers and the lone giraffe cloth golem.[edit]

Ansom: All along, you have misunderstood our side's intentions.

We would greatly prefer alliance to conquest.

Panel 6

Ossomer has not moved, but this view makes a sword of some sort visible at his hip. Tramennis looks up at him. In the background, the Battle Bear wanders toward the column.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: I couldn't give a used fig for what you prefer.

Prince Tramennis: Ew.

Prince Ossomer: You shall have neither one.

Panel 7

Ansom stares up at Ossomer, who glares back down at him. Tramennis turns and looks at Ossomer, eyebrow cocked and finger raised. Behind them we see the river flow from the bridge.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: Nor do we misunderstand your intentions.

Quite to the contrary.

Prince Tramennis: Used how?

Panel 8

A high angle view over Ansom's shoulder. Ossomer has finally moved, now gesturing widly with his arms. Tramennis stands with his arms at his sides, looking quite small in comparison. Ansom stands immobile, feet shoulder width apart, his red cape picking up the breeze. We can see a city in the hills beyond.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: You believe that the preference of the Arkentools for certain wielders clarifies the intentions of the Titans.

You believe that the Titans' highest favor no longer falls upon Royalty.

That even Royals must now follow the Attuned.

Am I correct?

Ansom: Well, essentially...

Panel 9

Ossomer glowers with rage, re-crosses his arms and once again stands like a statue as he lectures Ansom. Tramennis responds to his brother's colorful language by making a silly face, sticking his tongue out in disgust. In the background, the Battle Bear sits down.[edit]

Prince Ossomer: Dog bowels.

Prince Tramennis: Ewww-uh!

Prince Ossomer: Whatever transformation you've undergone, you have forgotten the true meaning of Nobility.

Panel 10

The three brothers stand on the bridge much as they have been. Green lichen clings to the bottom of the bridge. The column stands to at the edge of the bridge. The road stretched beyond, dotted by two or three solitary trees on its way through the hills to the castle beyond. Off to the left is the camp of radish-tents, surrounded by a low wooden wall, dwarfed by the Battle Bear sitting nearby. Further on is a small wood. The sky is blue and filled with thin clouds.[edit]

Ossomer: Perhaps Royalty is obsolete.

Perhaps the Titans have forsaken honor, as you'd claim.

Perhaps they prefer the cowardice of Stanley, the conniving of Charlie. Or the cruelty of that one you follow.

But I am what I am.

And so here I stand.

I will make you and the Titans prove your claim.

Panel 11

Ansom leans forward a bit, showing a little emotion. Behind him are probably a dozen siege towers, the giraffe cloth golem and two Battle Bears, and the column beyond.[edit]

Ansom: I see.


And you, Prince Tramennis?

Panel 12

Smiling, Tramennis points up at Ossomer.[edit]
Prince Tramennis: Oh what he said. Double the dog bowels. [edit]


  1. ^  Tramennis has adopted the posture of the teapot of the childrens' rhyme, "I'm a little teapot."
  2. ^  This collar resembles that traditionally worn by clergy of several Christian denominations.