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Standing on the Expository Bridge, we look over the shoulders of Princes Ossomer and Tramennis at Ansom. Behind Ansom, rolling green hills dotted with trees stretch out to the horizon. Lining up from the end of the bridge is Gobwin Knob's column, featuring a number of siege towers and Battle Bears in front.

Ansom wears black and red plate armor, featuring an oversized right shoulder pad and red cape. He bears the symbol of Wanda Firebaugh on his chest, a white skull with a pink flower where the hairline should be. Ossomer is huge, his silver armor apparently riveted together at the side, also wearing a red cape, with extra-thick armor around the pelvic area. Gold trims his neckpiece, cape, and double-sectioned shoulderpad. His hair is short and black. Tramennis is much smaller, with long blonde hair and brown greco-roman shoulderpads on his silver armor. It features a Jetstone radish motif in back.