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Wanda sits astride her sourmander, Arkenpliers now in hand. Her armor is seemingly leather; her leggings are red with vertical black stripes, the top is red with vertical red strips with black studs, open in the middle to expose a little inner cleavage, the two sides connected by three black strips. The armor is accentuated with metal codpiece, bracers, and shoulder pads. The shoulder pads bear three large spikes, and the bracers have several smaller ones. The suit is capped with a black skull-helmet, the teeth of which sit across her forehead, and which has two long black horns curving down off her head. Wanda's long black hair drapes over her sourmander, and her pale blue eyes stare passionlessly at the scene before her.

Behind her floats several dwagons; a pink, a yellow, a red, a brown, and a blue; and nine archons, most in the 50s dance fighting dresses, two in the standard flight attendant raiment.