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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 12
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Panel 1

Antium is leading Parson, Jack, and a stack of decrypted down a hall. Parson holds his sword point up in an outstretched hand. Jack looks up at him in concern.[edit]

Parson Gotti: I'm on the King.
Should be over if we get him.

Jack Snipe: I'm with you.

Antium: We'll cut you a clear line.

Panel 2

Closeup of Slately, he's got a grim and determined expression as he stands in front of the throne. Two stabbers stand to either side of him, drawing their swords.[edit]
Slately: There's the Lord of Hamsters himself.
Large and terrible.
Yet I do not fear him.

Panel 3

Antium, Parson, Jack and decrypted infantry are rushing up the stairs to the Throne of Jetstone, engaging Jetstone's stabbers at the top. Smoke is filling the Throne Room and obscuring the fight.[edit]
Parson Gotti: Roll nat 20s, everybody.[1]
Let's go.

Panel 4

Parson is using the Staff of Suckage to cross swords with a Jetstone Stabber, Antium has just stabbed one clean through the chest. Jack hangs back, his eight-ball ready. Slately's sleeve takes up the left side of the panel.[edit]

Parson Gotti: For Bogroll!


Jetstone Stabber: Nnunh!


Parson: Spread out, shorty!


Panel 5

Slately and Parson look at each other, ignoring the fighting around them. Slately is standing straight, arms at his sides, with the Ray Gun in his right hand. Parson holds his sword ready but isn't advancing, regarding Slately with cold civility.[edit]

Slately: Warlord.

Parson Gotti: ...King.

Slately: A word?

Panel 6

Slately grimaces as he shoots at Parson with the Ray Gun, but he's raised the Staff of Suckage in front of him. It absorbs the blast creating a brilliant red shield. A female decrypted is falling to the ground, possibly from being shot through by the blast.[edit]

Parson Gotti: What word would-

Slately: Pew.


Panel 7

Closeup of Parson holding up the Staff of Suckage to his chest. His eyes are wide and his face is showing shock as it disappears in his grasp, vanishing in a cindery red burning effect.[edit]

Parson Gotti: Ah!


Panel 8

Parson switches his sword to a reverse grip in his right hand as he kicks Slately straight in the chest, sending him flying backwards. Slately looks like the wind has been knocked out of him. What's left of the Staff of Suckage vanishes as red sparkles. The Throne of Jetstone is in the background, the scene is still filling with smoke.[edit]
SFX: BOOPT [edit]

Panel 9

Slately hits the wall of the Throne Room hard. Holly Shortcake's destroyed Raggedy Ann Doll lies in tatters behind Slately. Despite the kick Slately is still gripping the Ray Gun.[edit]
SFX: ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED Battle Royal: Hit a King[2] [edit]

Panel 10

The upper wall of the Throne Room bursts inward in a crash of masonry and wooden beams. The cause isn't visible in the dust, though Slately can be seen slumped on a wall.[edit]
SFX: KABEAR [edit]

Panel 11

A scorched Battle Bear walks in through the hole, carrying an Incapacitated but conscious Ace Hardware in its left paw. The fire in the Atrium is visible behind the bear as an orange halo, with fresh white smoke trailing in from the hole. Holly Shortcake's destroyed Raggey Ann Doll is suddenly whole; it's raiment is changing from gingham blue to an olive green and face paint as it's healed with glowing green Dollamancy light.[edit]
Ace Hardware: Ha! The, uh...
The doll's in...
...your Court now!

Panel 12

The camouflage Doll takes a screening position in front of Slately, crouching and holding a right hand back protectively. Green glowing Dollamancy in the form of needle and thread is finishing repairing the doll. Slately is slowly getting up to a kneeling position, holding up his Ray Gun. He looks unamused as he speaks.[edit]
Slately: Unnrh?
Just... Just close your mouth when you fight.


  • ^  "Nat twenty" is short for Natural Twenty, a Dungeons and Dragons game rule where rolling a 20 on a 20 sided die automatically hits the target or succeeds at a task regardless of how difficult it would be. Natural Twenties also are usually critical hits, causing massive damage on the target.[3]
  • ^  The icon and font are a reference to the Xbox's Achievement system, where doing certain actions in a game or completing certain goals earns players an achievement and gold points.[4]