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Book (LIAB)
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Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:75 AW
Side's Turn:Royal Crown Coalition

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Panels: 11
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Panel 1

King Slately sits on the floor, cradling the gutted "Raggedy Ann" cloth golem made by Holly Shortcake. He speaks mournfully to it as though to Holly. Two Jetstone Infantry exchange morose glances in the background. The broken glass from the case and the doll's torso are in the foreground.[edit]
Slately: You were always so kind to me, Holly.
Even at my very lowest.
Even at my worst.
I used you foolishly. I risked you when I ought to've kept you close.
I wish-

Panel 2

Closeup of King Slately and the doll's head. Slately has a small, sad smile as he holds up her head.[edit]
Slately: Well, what I wish no longer matters.
I have done my part. I hope it's been enough.
If it has, then I shall see you very soon now.

Panel 3

The glass windows facing the courtyard of the Atrium are blasted in with explosive force. Slately and an Infantrywoman are shaking at the force of the explosion.[edit]

Panel 4

A corner of the Atrium wall has been completely bombed out, massive clouds of smoke and fire are all over the atrium. A Battle Bear is leaning over Ace in the side. The remains of cloth golems, can be seen near the foreground. Sylvia, out of sight, speaks.[edit]
Sylvia: That's it? [edit]

Panel 5

All of Sylvia is on fire or charred, her left eye is destroyed, she bears a manic grin.[edit]
Sylvia: So I win?!

Panel 6

Sylvia laughs manically as she disintegrates, the remains of golems and dwagons liter the atrium and burn away.[edit]

Sylvia: Ahahahhh-


Panel 7

Parson draws his sword and walks determinedly down the hallway, Jack follows with a look of concern. A decrypted follows behind.[edit]

Jack Snipe: Any special tactics in mind?

Parson Gotti: No. Kill them and don't die.

Jack: Seems sound.

Panel 8

Antium stands at the top of a flight of stairs and points to an offscreen door, calling to Parson. Parson stops and looks back to address Jack. Some decrypted stand behind them.[edit]

Antium: It's just up ahead, Lord!

Parson Gotti: It'd be different if you had juice. Or if Wanda was here.
I never thought to ask if you're any good in a melee fight. Are you?

Jack Snipe: Only in theory.
I did train under a certain smashing warlady you might reca-

Panel 9

Parson and Jack are visibly shaken, Jack looks around in confusion. Antium remains at the top of the stairs, he leans on the wall for balance.[edit]

Panel 10

The view is from the top of the stairs, Antium gestures to the off screen throne room. Parson raises his sword and gives the order to advance. Jack and the decrypted troops behind look a bit shaken and queasy.[edit]

Antium: Explosion in the target area!

Parson Gotti: Arright. Well...
Let's get in there.
Uh, advance.

Panel 11

The throne room is in shambles, debris litters the floor, smoke fills the ceiling, and the glass behind every former prince of Jetstone is broken and offers a view to the Atrium fire. Parson, Jack, Antium and the decrypted stop momentarily to look in wonder. King Slately is barely visible in the background in the doll's room.[edit]
Parson Gotti: Nice.
God, this is unreal.