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Magic 101
Natural Magic, Caster, Caster link, Juice, Scroll, Magic Item, Spell, Grandiocosmic Strings, Channels, Nodes, Dictums
Caster proficiency: NoviceAdeptMaster

Proposed Canon

This is a list of all spells that have been shown or said to exist in Erfworld and their associated discipline and effects.

Name Disaplines Keywords Effects (if known)
Air defenses spell of Gobwin Knob (possibly Shockmancy it is likely that it is more then one spell cast previously with the trigger words used by Wanda) Fired with the words "ABACABB, GOURANGA, IDCLIP, XYZZY, UUDDLRLRBASS, AYBABTU, AGGRO."Erf-b01-p095Same-site.PNG Air units destroyed
Magic attack by Archons Various "Leverage", "Synergy", and "Paradigm" are used to designate what may be either three separate attacks or three versions of the same attack Erf-b01-p069Same-site.PNG Dragons croaked
Golem healing Dirtamancy and Dollamancy ) "Pozzolana" for Dirtamancy created golems Heals Golem units Erf-b01-p112Same-site.PNG
Mass Uncroaking Croakamancy "Trioxin" Erf-b01-p116Same-site.PNG Creates large number of uncroaked units
Message hat (use) spell (probably natural Hat Magic) "Hoffa" sends a message, "Livingston" receives the message Erf-b01-p010Same-site.PNG, Hat is useable by non-casters, may be spefific keywords for different hats Send/receve written messages through (connected) Hats
Perfect Warlord summoning Findamancy and Lookamancy possibly a link see Summon Perfect Warlord Spell for more details Concluded using the word "Scruby" Erf-b01-p017Same-site.PNG Summons Parson
Shockamancy damage attack (no. 1) Shockamancy Uses the words "Lemonparty, Tubgirl, Meatspin, Goatse" and has the sound effect "NSFW" Erf-b01-p126Same-site.PNG Destroys/croakes large number of troups
Suggestion spell Thinkamancy None? Is cast using a scroll by Wanda Erf-b01-p030Same-site.PNG Made the caster's eyes glow gold, suggestion effects on target
Cure tiredness spell Thinkamancy (?) "Ephedra" Erf-b01-p104-p04Same-site.PNG Cures tiredness in target
Thinkagrams (group of spells) Thinkamancy (and possibly others) May be through a rectangle made by the Thinkamancer's fingers Erf-b01-p091Same-site.PNG, or by touching the subject (in the case of contacting Charlescomm) Erf-b01-p090Same-site.PNG Send complex messages with audio and or visual to a target
Stun (no. 1) Thinkamancy, (Shockamancy (likely) Uses the key word "Hoboken".Erf-b01-p133Same-site.PNG Cast by Maggie in the dungeon at a FoxMUD warlord, stuns him
Veils (group of spells) Foolamancy, (Thinkamancy (possibly)) Various Changes appearance of a/mutiple unit/s or area/s in some way for conceal or deception
Veil no. 1 "Crypsis". As above. Uses the key word "Crypsis". Erf-b01-p114Same-site.PNG Veils unit from attack/ sporting makes targeting by ranged attack harder.
Veil no. 2 "Baffle (no. 1): Foghat" As above. Foghat LIAB 36:3 This spell creates a simple fog cloud that seems to be there simply to help conceal units. Its described as a "Cheap baffle" suggesting there are many more types of veils and more in-depth versions of a baffle then this.
Veil no. 3 "Flash" As above (possibly also Thinkamancy) Flashing LIAB 6:11 Creates a distraction from an attacking force being sent from an adjacent Hex.
End turn spell Turnamancy / Thinkamancy link Kingworld Ends turn of side chosen. Cast by turnamancer Vanna, apparently linked with thinkamancer Charlie of Charlescomm
Volcano Uncroaking Thinkamancy/ / Croakamancy link None Uncroaks volcano deals massive damage see Volcano Uncroaking for more detail.
Duplicate ranged attacks spell Dittomancy Possibly double speech Duplicates ranged attacks.
Cause a unit/s to "turn" Turnamancy] Unknown Causes a unit/s side and often loyalty diminish or change depending on strength of spell or caster.
Shockmancy traps Shockamancy Unknown Traps designed to shock, damage or trap units
Diramancy traps Dirtamancy various Traps of various types, can cause damage, collapse of tunnel and possibly capture or disablement of units.
Stun spell Shockamancy (makes sound effect "Shock Treatment" LIAB 7:8 Causes target units to become stunned.