Known casters

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Proposed Canon

This is a list of all named casters.
Side \ School Hocus Pocus Spookism Stuffamancy Eyemancy Hippiemancy Naughtymancy Stagemancy Clevermancy
Barbarian Marie Lavraie1 Predictamancer
Spenser Findamancer
Ken Dollamancer Bowie2 Changemancer Hubble Lookamancer
Isaac Thinkamancer
Janis (?)
Uhura Date-a-mancer
Jeftichew2 Carnymancer
Gobwin Knob Sizemore Rockwell Dirtamancer Jack Snipe Foolamancer
Maggie Thinkamancer
Misty3 Lookamancer
Wanda Firebaugh Croakamancer
Faq Vanna2 Turnamancer
Jetstone Ace Hardware Dollamancer
Holly Shortcake3 Dollamancer
Lloyd Dittomancer Cubbins Hat Magician Pierce Healomancer
Translyvito Bunny Thinkamancer Benjamin Moneymancer

  1. Formerly in service to Faq before restoration.
  2. Formerly in service to Unaroyal; pledged to Royal sides only.
  3. Croaked.