Knights in Stanley's Service

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The Knights gather in the Courtyard. From Page 131

Proposed Canon

The "Knights in Stanley's Service" is a force of elite Hobgobwin warriors handpicked by Stanley the Tool. All are powerful enough to easily rout Marbits and other low-level infantry, and can even be expected to fight warlord class units to a stalemate.Erf-b1-p113Same-site.PNG and Erf-b1-p076Same-site.PNG These knights are knownErf-b1-p090Same-site.PNG for their dance fight abilitiesErf-b1-p111Same-site.PNG.

As Stanley orders the Knights mustered from among the corps of ordinary hobgobwins within the cityErf-b1-p075Same-site.PNG, keeping the Knights in Stanley's Service prepared for battle at all times may have a drawback, such as an increased upkeep.

The only KISS to survive the events in Book 1 is Vurp, one of the three top KISS who Stanley took with him to retake Faq


Real World References

The Knights are an obvious homage to a well known band. The warpaint worn by the Knights copies the stage paint that KISS wear during their live shows and music videos.

The name "Knights in Stanley's Service" is based upon a common myth that KISS took their name as the acronym for the phrase "Knights in Satan's Service" - a rumor believed to be false and created by religious individuals with a hatred of rock music.