Saline IV

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Proposed Canon

King Saline IV was Overlord of Gobwin Knob prior to his demise.

King Saline IV ordered Sizemore popped, apparently to help extract gems from the mountain, on top of which Gobwin Knob is located.[1]

He also promoted Stanley from a simple Piker to Warlord. Pleased with Stanley's performance as Warlord the King promoted him to Heir Designate, at great expense.[2]

At some moment Gobwins broke alliance with Gobwin Knob (which Sizemore considers very odd), captured the city and croaked King Saline IV.[3] Stanley who was a Heir Designate recaptured the city and became an Overlord. Ansom believed that Stanley orchestrated this rebellion to come to power.[4]


Real World References

Name "Saline IV" (which can be read as "Saline the Fourth", but also as "Saline I.V.")[5] is a pun on Saline IV.