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==Proposed Canon==
==Proposed Canon==
'''First Appearance:''' [[TBFGK 78]]
[[King]] Saline IV was [[Ruler]] of [[Gobwin Knob]] prior to his demise.
[[King]] Saline IV was [[Ruler]] of [[Gobwin Knob]] prior to his demise.

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King Saline IV
Race: Men
Tribe: Plaid Tribe
Faction: Gobwin Knob
Class: Ruler (King)
Special: Royal

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: TBFGK 78

King Saline IV was Ruler of Gobwin Knob prior to his demise.

He also promoted Stanley from a simple Piker to Warlord. Pleased with Stanley's performance with the Arkenhammer, the King promoted him to Chief Warlord and eventually made him Heir Designate, at great expense.Erf-b1-p079Same-site.PNG

At some subsequent moment Gobwins broke alliance with Gobwin Knob (which Sizemore considers very odd), captured the city and croaked King Saline IV.Erf-b1-p079Same-site.PNG Stanley who was a Heir Designate recaptured the city and became Ruler -- an Overlord because he was not Royal. Ansom believed that Stanley orchestrated this rebellion to come to power.Erf-b1-p034Same-site.PNG


Real World References

Bears a striking resemblance to King Friday XIII from the Mister Rogers' Neighborhood children's television show.[1]

Name "Saline IV" (which can be read as "Saline the Fourth", but also as "Saline I.V.")Erf-b1-p078Same-site.PNG is a pun on Saline IV.

Preceded by:
Ruler of Gobwin Knob Succeeded by:
Stanley the Plaid