King Posbrake

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King Posbrake
Race: Men
Faction: Homekey
Class: Ruler (King)
Special: Royal, Leadership

Proposed Canon

King Posbrake is the ruler of the side of Homekey. Unlike many royals, he is highly business oriented.

He advocates a Side-wide strategy he calls "playing wide." Rather than focus on holding on to a small number of high-level cities, Homekey tries to have a large number of low-level cities and high-level units.[1]

Other steps include:

  • Foraging rather than popping meals
  • Boosting low-level cities through dirtamancy to make them high-risk/low-profit targets for other Sides
  • Sacking or razing high level cities
  • Spending all profits on promoting warlords or popping units

Real World References

His name is a reference to the pause/break key on a keyboard.

Preceded by:
Chief Warlord of Delkey Succeeded by:
Unknown, possibly Prince Creen
Preceded by:
None, founded Side
Ruler of Homekey Succeeded by:
None, incumbent