Loj Banhammer

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Proposed Canon

King Banhammer was the last ruler of Faq prior to its fall.Erf-b1-p082Same-site.PNG Jillian Zamussels was his daughter and a heir to the throne.

He had multiple Casters, and relied on his Foolamancer (Jack Snipe) and Predictamancer (identity unknown) to conceal his cities. He had few warlords and did not think much of them.Erf-b1-p082Same-site.PNG

After his Predictamancer foretold the eventual fall of the kingdom, King Banhammer ordered an heir popped. The heir, Jillian, did not have the philosophical temperment Banhammer had hoped for, leading to problems in their relationship. According to Jillian, Banhammer was very rule-bound, obsessed with philosophy, and uninterested in military matters.Erf-b1-p082Same-site.PNG.


Jillian's last message from Faq described a large overflight of dwagons, implying an attack by Stanley the PlaidErf-b1-p083Same-site.PNG. It is presumed that King Banhammer was croaked.