Judy Gale

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Proposed Canon

First Appearance: IPTSF Text 50

Judy Gale was Overlord of Haffaton. She was kept in a drugged stupor at the end of a yellow brick road and close to an emerald City.

She is described as a ghostly looking woman wearing a blue gingham dress, with white hair done in long, improbable braids. Her signamancy indicated personal decay; she is thin, skeletal to the point of weighing nothing at all; her teeth are rotten or missing; she seems to be missing her eyebrows, but marks had been drawn on her skin above her deep brown eyes which sort of resembled them.

Real World References

She is, of course, named for the actress (Judy Garland) and main character (Dorothy Gale) from the Wizard of Oz.

Her gingham blue dress may be a reference to the Red Dwarf episode Quarantine where the character Rimmer appears wearing a red-and-white checked gingham dress and army boots and long improbable blond braided pig tails.

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