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[[Category:Real World References]]
[[Category:Real World References]]

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IPTSF Text 51.jpg
Judy Gale
Race: Unknown, probably Earth human
Faction: Haffaton
Class: Ruler (Overlord)
Special: Arkenshoes

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: IPTSF Text 50

Judy Gale was Overlord of Haffaton and the attuned wielder of the Arkenshoes.

By the time Jillian meets her, she is described as a ghostly looking woman wearing a blue gingham dress and a long silk scarf, with her short white hair streaked with black and adorned with a dirt-covered diamond tiara. Her signamancy indicated personal decay; she is thin, skeletal to the point of weighing nothing at all; her teeth are rotten or missing; she seems to be missing her eyebrows, but marks had been drawn on her skin above her deep brown eyes which sort of resembled them.

She used a walking stick that appears to be broom with the straw burnt mostly off; It is capable of Flight. Around one ankle she wears some kind of Magic Item in the shape of an ankle bracelet. Her tiara is also implied to be magical.

Judy is confirmed to come from another world, possibly even Stupidworld. In IPTSF Text 51, Judy Gale uses the word 'kill' instead of 'croak'. In IPTSF Text 62, she uses the word 'year' to refer to a time period of 365 turns. In addition, she claims to be from a place called 'Kansas'.


A side named el-Efbaum had been long trapped in a deadlock with two tightly allied sides named Easteros and Westeregg. Upon forming an alliance with Haffaton, Charlie invented the Summon Perfect Warlord Spell, using Haffaton's Thinkamancer and Predictamancer as well as el-Efbaum's Findamancer and Lookamancer. The warlord they summoned was Judy Gale. Her summoning was directly responsible for the croaking of Bell, ruler of Easteros. After attuning to the Arkenshoes, which she had taken from Bell's body, she infiltrated Westeregg, destroyed Blair, seized the Arkendish and took it to Charlie as per Haffaton's agreement with el-Efbaum.

Maxwell, Haffaton's Thinkamancer, was able to imbue several golem units with life, and they became fast friends with Judy.

Eventually, Olive Branch, one of Charlie's own children, betrayed el-Efbaum to Haffaton. However, Judy chose to let Charlie go, much to Olive's displeasure.

At some point, rulership of Haffaton passed on from Lex Doothis to Judy. Olive Branch betrayed her ruler, kept Judy in a drugged stupor with the heroine buds at the Olive Garden, and used her as a puppet ruler. Olive also caused the death of most of Haffaton's casters, including Maxwell, which caused Judy's golem friends to revert to non-sapience.

Maya Calendar had predicted that a warlord named Jillian was Fated to croak the ruler of Haffaton. In an attempt to ensure that Judy Gale would be the one croaked, Olive took away the Arkenshoes to prevent Judy from simply escaping to her old world. But, Wanda Firebaugh was able to use Findamancy to recover them, allowing Judy to return home. As a result of Judy's departure, her Heir Designate, Olive Branch became the new ruler of Haffaton.

Real World References

She is named for the actress (Judy Garland) and main character (Dorothy Gale) from the Wizard of Oz.

Her gingham blue dress is a reference to the blue gingham dress worn by Judy Garland when portraying Dorothy Gale in the Wizard of Oz movie.

Her drug addiction is reminiscent of Judy Garland's struggle with alcohol and drugs, which damaged Garland's career and eventually killed her at age 47.

The magic ankle bracelet may be a shackle, but from it artwork it appears far more to resemble an electronic curfew tag.


It is known for a fact that Judy comes from another world. She could be a native of Earth, and was brought to Erfworld for many of the same reasons Parson has been. This would be in keeping with the Wizard of Oz references that this character seems to be heavily involved in. However, she is unusually short for a Stupidworlder and her name is the sort of reference Parson would be capable of recognizing as one of Erworld's jokes, which implies that she might come from a different version of earth than the one Parson comes from. Or she may have been summoned in part because of her familiarity with L. Frank Baum's fictional world of Oz, in the same way Parson Gotti was summoned because of his fondness for breakfasting on marbits. Judy Gale may not be her birth name--she may have acquired a second, Erfworldian name, similar to how Parson acquired the title Lord Hamster.

Since Judy was summoned by the same spell as Parson, and in his case, it gave him the caster special, Judy Gale was almost certainly a potential caster herself. However, Parson's ability had to be unlocked by examining an unrolled scroll before he could use it, and Wanda was never actually certain whether Judy Gale was one, which means that she might not have experienced the necessary circumstances to unlock it.

Special Note

Judy is one of the few characters to have been a subject of Retconjuration; originally named Dorothy, Rob decided she was a more complex character, and Retconned her name to reflect that. WoT-11/15/2012

Preceded by:
Unknown, possibly Lex Doothis
Ruler of Haffaton Succeeded by:
Olive Branch