Jon-john Henry

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This page describes Fanon-level fan-created material. It does not conflict with Erfworld Canon, but it is not official. This material was created by forum user IronDino.

Jon-John Henry.png
Jon-john Henry
Race: Men
Faction: Caste
Class: Caster (Dittomancer)
Rank and Titles: Adept
Move: 7
Hits: 6
Combat: 2
Defense: 4


"Shall I repeat myself?"

Strengths: Strategy, Planning, Caution, Knowledge, Sincerity

Weaknesses: Enthusiasm, Curiosity

Jon-john Henry is an Artificial Dittomancer in the service of Cedric for the Side of Caste.

JJ Henry is the first of two attempts by Jeffery Astaire at creating an artificial true caster. As the first, he was ‘manufactured’ as a Dittomancer in order to replicate himself to relieve Astaire from having to make more. However, in his haste at exemplifying JJ’s Dittomancy proficiency he lacked in giving him a personality.



Stoic and unwavering at all times, his facial expression has only recently added ‘confused’ to its features. Quite capable in his Dittomancy abilities, he often reserves his strength, limiting himself to but a few honed techniques. Simple and reserved, he is prized for having 'the' most linear thinking of the entire cast. Since Heuveland's construction, he has excelled in advanced Mathamancy and Luckamancy, and has also developed a strong penchant for Weirdomancy.


  • Substitute - Renders a single unit invulnerable for five turns by creating an unbreakable copy of them.
  • Peony – Creates partial copies of himself simultaneously to defend or attack a nearby individual unit.
  • Madrox Collective – Creates individual units that are very similar to the ‘Prime’ but act on their own accord and free will.
  • David’s Collective – Utilizes multiple aspects of himself to process large amount of information. Can also act like a temporary Thinkamancer.
  • Exhibit Infinite – While not infinite yet, he can replicate another unit into a Madrox Collective of around five.
  • DDR (Combo) – Coupled with Astaire and J.Brown, the trio can lead any troop types in an effective dance fight.


JJ Henry and Jeffery Astaire

JJ Henry and Victoria

Built as a pair of matching units, JJ Henry and Victoria are naturally inclined to seek out and enjoy one another's company.

JJ Henry and Archons

Before Victoria was created, JJ Henry found great pleasure in Archon watching. It's believed that this stemmed from a sense of discontent due to the absence of his yet to be constructed partner Victoria.