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Proposed Canon

A side in Erfworld. It is located northwest of the former kingdom of Faq, near Transylvito.352 External.png

They used to have Western Giants as Natural Allies, but the Giants broke alliance and switched allegiance to Faq.


Kona, level 3

Valdez, level 2

White Castle, outpost (formely Transylvitian)

Real World References

"Jitters" are a term to describe the rush or buzz a person experiences from caffeine, such as that one gets from espresso.

Jitterati is itself a term satirizing the "digerati" and their dependence on caffeine. Also "literati" - a snide reference to the literary/intellectual "elite." Perhaps this makes Jitterati a neologism for the clichéd caffeine-fueled web-genius community.

Jitterati's side is full of coffee themed puns, with Kona being a brand of Hawaiian coffee, Valdez being a reference to Juan Valdez, Duncan Scone being a play on Dunkin' Donuts] (a scone is a similar breakfast pastry), and their crest being similar to the symbol of Starbucks, a circular green design on a white field.

The popular coffee chain Starbucks was founded in Seattle, located in America's northwest.