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Race: Elf (?)
Faction: Magic Kingdom (Great Minds that Think Alike)
Class: Caster (Thinkamancer)

Proposed Canon

We can drop you where you stand.

First Appearance: Possibly LIAB Text 38, Definitely LIAB 58:10

Jintao is a Thinkamancer and one of the Great Minds.

He usually reserves his judgement, but his belief that the Great Minds' involvement in the conspiracy around Parson is a mistake is strong enough to prompt a quick answer to Tisha's poll.[1]

Real World References

His appearance is similar to that of a Romulan.

His name may be a reference to former Chinese president Hu Jintao.


  1. ^  LIAB Epilogue 04 "It was unlike him to be first to speak, so it held the weight of conviction."