Jillian Zamussels

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Jillian Zamussels is a mercenary warlord in the service of Prince Ansom's Royal Crown Coalition against Stanley the Tool's Gobwin Knob faction. Originally the heir to King Banhammer of the Kingdom of Faq she became a barbarian when Faq was destroyed, supposedly in a covert operation staged by Stanley during his rise to power.



Race: Men
Class: Warlord, Barbarian
Level: 9 (minimum)
Special: Leadership, Royal


Jillian is a barbarian warlord, hired to lead Prince Ansom's flying units. She is a good tactical fighter, but reckless, and has been known to seek out combat even when it is irrelevant to the mission and contrary to orders.

Her personal relationship to Prince Ansom is ambiguous when the two first meet. She rejects an invitation to spend the night in his tent; however, she later approaches the tent as if reconsidering the offer... but then walks away.

While flying a scouting mission, riding a gwiffon with a flight of orlys as support, Jillian encounters a group of Stanley's dwagons. She croaks a blue dwagon before she is captured and taken to Gobwin Knob.

When Wanda Firebaugh arrives to interrogate her, Jillian proposes that "both of us get out of here." Wanda's response is to strike her with a whip and instruct Jillian to address her as "Mistress". After Jillian complies, Wanda casts an unspecified spell.

After the interrogation, Jillian shows signs of considerable physical torture, and has apparently told Wanda everything she wanted to know. However, she is also chatting with her interrogator in an offhand, even friendly, manner. There is a strong implication (at least) of a sadomasochistic relationship between the two.

The following turn, Jillian is used as bait in a trap to lure Ansom out to where he could easily be ambushed by Stanley's Dwagons. The plan failed, and Jillian met up with Sir Webinar and Dora, and then Charlie's Archons.