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(We mention in proposed canon that Marbits are natural allies of Jetstone)
(Current Characters)
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*[[Prince]] [[Tramennis]] - older brother of Prince Ossomer, possible [[Heir]] and new [[Chief Warlord]] after Ossomer
*[[Prince]] [[Tramennis]] - older brother of Prince Ossomer, possible [[Heir]] and new [[Chief Warlord]] after Ossomer
*[[Cubbins]] - [[Hat Magic|Hat Magician]]
*[[Cubbins]] - [[Hat Magic|Hat Magician]]
*[[Pierce]] - [[Healomancer]]
*[[Ace Hardware]] - [[Dollamancer]]
*[[Ace Hardware]] - [[Dollamancer]]

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Proposed Canon

Jetstone is a side in Erfworld ruled by King Slately. Jetstone currently has no HeirLIAB 35; its most recent Chief Warlord was Prince Ossomer.

Jetstone is also the name of a Tribe. Slately and his sons are members of this Tribe.

Marbits are natural allies of Jetstone.


Jetstone is a Royal Capital Side, producing human Units, including Nobles and Royals.

Jetstone was the founding Side and a leading faction in the first Royal Crown Coalition, providing the largest contingent of troops to the Alliance.

During the Battle for Gobwin Knob, its troops were led by Prince Ansom, then Chief Warlord and heir to the throne: Prince Ansom fell in the battle.


The Capital of Jetstone is Spacerock.


Jetstone is described as having three level 5 cities, of which one is Dhrystone and another is the Capital Spacerock. Jetstone also still controls the Capital site upon which the city of Jetstone was built and the Side of Jetstone founded.

Former Cities

Former Characters

Current Characters



Livery worn by infantry and warlords is yellow-brown (light brown shirts and pants with yellow armor) with the Jetstone insignia (a radish) on the chest.



Main article: Erfworld Geography

Jetstone shares borders with Unaroyal and Haggar. Jetstone's directional location relative to other Sides is not known.

Real World References

The name "Jetstone" seems to be a portmanteau of the names of the Hanna-Barbera cartoons The Jetsons and The Flintstones. King Slately's name is an amalgamation of the names of the bosses on the two shows, Mr. Spacely (Jetsons) and Mr. Slate (Flintstones). The capital, Spacerock, is named according to the themes on the two shows, and may be an amalgamation of the workplaces of the two main characters -- Fred Flintstone's the Slate Rock and Gravel Company with George Jetson's Spacely Space Sprockets. (Fred lived in Bedrock, but George lived in Orbit City.)

The radishes that are the symbol of Jetstone are reminiscent of those from Super Mario Brothers 2.