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Proposed Canon

LIAB 60.jpg

First Mention: First Intermission 43 First Appearance: LIAB 57

Jeftichew (as spelled by Queen Bea in First Intermission 43), or Jefftichew, also going by "Jojo" (as he introduces himself in LIAB 62), is a Carnymancer formerly in the service of Unaroyal, now residing in the Magic Kingdom. Jeftichew is also the caster hiding behind the Goblin Knob portal when Parson Gotti enters the Magic Kingdom,Erf-b2-p60Same-site.PNG and who confronts him in the tunnel excavated by Sizemore under Portal Park.Erf-b2-p62Same-site.PNG Note that Jeftichew's white eye color is identical to Sylvia's, a former Unaroyal unit.

He was first seen in LIAB 57:9 next to the orange portal in the background when Sizemore encounters Janis and Marie, and in LIAB 57:13 he is looking back at the trio as they walk away. His next appearance was in LIAB 60 (LIAB 60:4, LIAB 60:7 and LIAB 60:8) where he is waiting behind Gobwin Knob's portal for Parson Gotti's second entrance to the Magic Kingdom. In LIAB 61 (LIAB 61:12 and LIAB 61:13) he is seen chasing Parson through the "underground passage" Sizemore created for Parson.

While a caster, the extent of Jojo's Mojo is not yet clear.

Real World References

Fedor Jeftichew was a 19th century circus sideshow performer, the "Dog-faced Boy," who moved to the United States to tour with P.T. Barnum at 16. Jeftichew the Carnymancer sports similar dress and facial hair (though Jefftichew's seems to be within the normal human range, rather than hypertrichosis).

Jeftichew wears something very like a uniform worn by George Harrison's "Sgt. Pepper" analog, such as seen in the movie Yellow Submarine. His use of the line "Here comes the sun" is a reference to the song of the same name on The Beatles' 1969 album Abbey Road. The song was written by Harrison. The nickname "Jojo" may be a simultaneous reference both to the Barnum performer, who was known as Jo-Jo the Dog-Faced Man, and the Beatles song "Get Back" about a man named Jojo.

In light of this information, the fact that his name in-comic is spelled "Jefftichew," adding an "f," suggests a typo or alternate spelling.