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Race: Men
Faction: Magic Kingdom
Class: Caster (Hippiemancer)

Proposed Canon

Janis is a HippiemancerErf-b1-p011Same-site.PNG and a Grand AbbieErf-b1-p141Same-site.PNG.

She is a permanent resident of the Magic_Kingdom.

Janis acts as a teacher to many, including Sizemore Rockwell. She is generous, attempting to provide a lesson gratis to Sizemore after he failed to learn anything about Flower Power. She also acts as a guru and moral compass, helping Sizemore through the difficult times Parson Gotti put him through in the Battle for Gobwin Knob. She also takes on a leadership role, organizing the response to the sudden and unexpected appearance of Parson and the Linked Casters from Gobwin Knob.


Janis was probably attempting to teach Sizemore Flower Power, suggesting that this is her specialty, given the large psychedelic flower in a pot near them when their training session ends.Erf-b1-p011Same-site.PNG

Real World References

A couple of sources have been suggested for her name:

  • Janis Joplin[1], a major musician in the 60s counterculture. The psychedelic nature of her music is strongly associated with the Hippie movement.
  • Janice Rand[2], a character from Star Trek. Sizemore used currency called Rands to pay her for teaching him.

Her title of Grand Abbie may come from:

  • Abbie Hoffman[3], social activist and leader of the Yippie movement. He is quoted as saying, "Personally I always held my flower in a clenched fist."[4]
  • Abbess, the female form of Abbot -- the leader of a convent