Jack-Wanda Relationship

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Jack and Wanda have known each other for longer then most other units within Gobwin Knob. Both Wanda and Jack come from the Kingdom of Faq and turned to Stanley's side when he destroyed their native kingdom. While in Faq Jack and Wanda used to discuss the philosophy of magic, especially the subject of love, and it seems Jack could have harbored deep feelings for Wanda which she did not return. Wanda shows almost contempt for Jack, while in Faq she would call him his full, almost derogatory name and title, and she often puts him down despite his obvious skill and intelligence. Jack acknowledges that Wanda is a "vessel cracked worse (and repaired worse) than he," referring to Wanda's emotional and mental state, and he seems cautious of her growing power. The possible love Jack has for Wanda could explain what led to Jack following Wanda to Stanley's side, and why Jack refused Jillian's offer to turn to her side during the battle with Stanley and Transylvito's warlords, however this love is unconfirmed in canon.