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#REDIRECT [[Isaac Cipher]]
|name= Isaac
|race= [[Men]]
|faction= [[Magic Kingdom]]
|class= [[Caster]] ([[Thinkamancer]])
|rank= Mastermind, Headmaster
=Proposed Canon=
''He suspected it might be a law of [[Erfworld]], but there was not enough evidence.''
'''Strengths:''' Curiosity, Generosity, Inventiveness, Building Scientific Instruments, Stylish Jackets
'''Weaknesses:''' Loneliness, Focus, Courage of Convictions
'''First Appearance:''' [[TBFGK 140]]
Isaac is a [[Headmaster]] among the [[Thinkamancer]]s. {{ref| [[LIAB Text 40]]}}
First seen when Parson entered the Magic Kingdom after the Battle for Gobwin Knob, he summoned the Thinkamancers to unravel the [[Croakamancer]]-[[Dirtamancer]] [[link up]], saying they'd do it for no charge.
Isaac is a rarity among the casters of the [[Magic Kingdom]], not content with debating and arguing over theories and hypotheses on the nature of [[magic]] and [[Erf]], but actively working to discern reliable and consistent facts. So far, this has led to the creation of a number of devices to aid [[thinkamancer]]s in better accessing nodes of amplification or attuning to the frequencies of certain [[G-String]] vibrations (all of which resemble children's playground equipment from our world).
Should he ever link up with a [[Carnymancer]], they will create devices capable of automatically switching [[Thinkamancers]] between [[node]]s at precisely calibrated frequencies to achieve Thinkamancy that, while not as versatile, will actually rival the [[Arkendish]] in power (like a Ferris Wheel or a Roller Coaster).
Isaac may hope that he or one of the other [[Great Minds that Think Alike]] can replace [[Charlie]] as the attuned holder of the [[Arkendish]], if [[Parson]] succeeds in defeating [[Charlie]].
=Real World References=
His name coupled with his tendencies as a natural philosopher are a reference to Isaac Newton.
His appearance is a reference to Carl Sagan.
His desire for the Arkendish as a tool of observation may also be a reference the use of radio telescopes in astronomy.
Both Carl Sagan and Isaac Newton were teachers, and one of the titles for the person in charge of a school is Headmaster.
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