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Book (Hvs.tCF)
Page by page (128)
Panel by panel (128:1)

Page Info [edit]

Turn Number:90 AW
Side's Turn:Charlescomm

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Panels: 6
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Panel 1

Hvs.tCF 128:1/Description[edit]

Maggie: Burning juice and using rhyme, to speed our mind and buy some time.
So think swiftly, all. The link quickly falls.

Marie Lavraie: There ah too many to Predict! You see how cloudy it is?

Jack Snipe: Phantoms of choice and opportunity. Yes, they do form clouds.

Jack: And they interfere, like ripples on a pond.

Jack: The tracks and tricks, the endings and continuations. Each life, each choice, each projectile hit or miss.

Marie: This is Predictamoncy.

Jack: It resembles Mathamancy.

Jack: Look, some lives are in bubbles...

Marie: Yes. Fate cares for them.

Marie: Others, we con't truly Predict for.

Jack: "Oh, but we can! We'll light up the veiled enemies, of course.
But throw our targets not on those units but upon the clouds, where lucky numbers gather."

Jack: And where great danger abounds...

Maggie: The dancers... get down?

Jack: Yes. And where chance forms a trough...

Marie: The doncers step off!

Jack: "She moves them to the grooves."

Panel 2

Hvs.tCF 128:2/Description[edit]
Hvs.tCF 128:2/Text [edit]

Panel 3

Hvs.tCF 128:3/Description[edit]
Hvs.tCF 128:3/Text [edit]

Panel 4

Hvs.tCF 128:4/Description[edit]
Hvs.tCF 128:4/Text [edit]

Panel 5

Hvs.tCF 128:5/Description[edit]
Hvs.tCF 128:5/Text [edit]

Panel 6

Hvs.tCF 128:6/Description[edit]
Hvs.tCF 128:6/Text [edit]