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A hobgobwin guard stands at attention inside the Tower of Efdup.Erf-b2-p001Same-site.PNG

Proposed Canon

First Appearance: TBFGK 28

Hobgobwins are a non-Capital Side. They have been natural allies to Gobwin Knob since at least the reign of King Saline IV and up to the current turn.

Hobgobwin units are orange skinned humanoids similar in appearance to Gobwins, but considerably bigger (somewhat larger than Men).

Any side allied with Hobgobwins will not be able to ally with Elves or Marbits.

Hobgobwins can be promoted to be Knights or Heavies.

Notable Hobgobwins


The naming scheme for hobgobwins seems to be related to slang words that can be found in the urban dictionary.

Hobgobwins may be significantly better fighters and knights than Men are, which would explain why the Knights in Stanley's Service are all Hobgobwins.