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Hippiemancy Flower Power Signamancy Date-a-mancy

Proposed Canon


Hippiemancy is one of the eight major classes of magic in Erfworld. It is the major class defined by the Life and Matter elements together. According to Duncan Scone, Hippiemancy (among other things) concerned with relationships: "detecting and altering the forces of opposition and attraction which bind people or units."book-2-–-text-updates-011 External.png Hippiemancy can apparently be used to "quiet" a conflict, though the precise meaning of "quiet" has not been revealed.

The performance of Hippiemancy can affect the participants' perception of time, a phenomenon known as "flaking."

A practitioner of Hippiemancy is called a Hippiemancer.


Hippiemancy is the magic of relationships: detecting and altering the forces of opposition and attraction which bind people or units. With their confluence of Life and Matter and their absence of Motion Classes, it may be that within Hippiemancy Flower Power (Erf) might influence the environment/nature (space), Signamancy (Fate) might influence perspective/insight (vision), and Date-a-mancy (Numbers) might influence synchronicity (time in meaningful events, or put another way, the inverse of meaningful events in time).

Notable Hippiemancers

Janis is a Grand Abbie of Hippiemancy. She has claimed that Parson Gotti is also a Hippiemancer; however, that statement may have been a ploy to defuse the situation when Parson arrived in the Magic Kingdom via portal (something that should be impossible for a non-caster), though she said it as she was dismissing Parson's suggestion that he was a Mathamancer or a Luckamancer.