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Proposed Canon

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The geography of Erfworld is divided into a hexagonal grid.Erf-b1-p046aSame-site.PNG Each hex has an associated x,y coordinate.Erf-b1-p010Same-site.PNG Units are not permitted to cross hex boundaries except when on TurnErf-b1-p115Same-site.PNG; however, units are able to move freely within a hex, and move objects, such as notes, across the hex borders.

Off turn archery can happen only within the archer's hex. Arrows fired into adjacent hexes (usually when missing a target) become stuck in midair at the hex boundary.LIAB_33a

Every hex has a Terrain type, these can determine penalties to move or require a special to enter them; such as mountain hexes requiring units be Mountain-capable to get across them.

For more information on hexes and how they are used, see Movement.

Hex Boundary

Between each hex, there is a line, visible to units of Erfworld, and visible to Parson only when he wears his 3D Glasses. If a unit is unable to move between hexes, there is a soft resistance that keeps the unit from entering the new hex.

Known Locations


The Great Minds' conversation with Ivan Poe suggests that Erfworld might be mostly round.Erf-b3-p267Same-site.PNG It isn't possible to make a sphere entirely out of hexagons, so if this is the case, Erfworld might have a few stray pentagon regions.