Heroine bud

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Proposed Canon

The heroine bud (or hero bud for a male user) is a delicate pinkish flower which provides addictive sensations of euphoria when worn in the hair. Prolonged use is apparently detrimental and certainly has bad effects on the user's signamancy.

They grow (possibly exclusively) in the Olive Garden at Efbaum and are a favoured tool in the machinations of the Florist Dame Olive Branch.

A pink flower similar to a heroine bud appears in the livery of Wanda Firebaugh, possibly as a memento of her service under Dame Olive.


Heroin buds are a form of applied Flower Power.

Real World References

An apparently obvious reference to the addictive real world drug heroin (clinical name diamorphine), which is also deried from botanical roots (specifically the opium poppy) - albiet with significant processing.