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*the Matrix references and coming down in [[IPTSF Text 52]]
*the Matrix references and coming down in [[IPTSF Text 52]]
*[[IPTSF Text 53]]
*[[IPTSF Text 53]]
*[[IPTSF Text 71]]
===From the Outside===
===From the Outside===

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First Appearance: IPTSF Text 7 (as livery), IPTSF Text 49 (actual)

The heroine bud (or hero bud for a male user)IPTSF Text 53 is a delicate pinkish flower which provides addictive sensations of euphoria when touched; the effect is magnified if worn in the hair.IPTSF Text 49

It has been a part of Haffaton livery since before the fall of Goodminton.IPTSF Text 7

The flowers themselves were created in a caster link between Haffaton's florist, turnamancer and thinkamancer, (Olive, Tina, and Maxwell, respectively)IPTSF Text 55

The mood altering properties of the flowers are not released by simply picking the flower; to activate the Flower Power, the bulb at the base of stem must be squeezed, which releases "something that smelled sweet and wonderful" and causes the head of the flower to pop off.IPTSF Text 50

When the victim gazes at other people, they will usually see that person in the form of inner Signamancy, a symbolic form representing how the victim views that person. For example, Wanda, who hates Olive Branch, sees Olive Branch as a "cold, scaly, wormy thing". Alternatively, the victim will see them the way they want to see them, such as when Faq's Shockmancer perceives Jillian as being nude.IPTSF Text 71

Known Users

Descriptions of Trips


From the Outside

Proposed Canon

Prolonged use is apparently detrimental and certainly has bad effects on the user's signamancy.IPTSF Text 50 Users can build up a tolerance to the effects of the buds, while retaining a the addictive dependency to them, as evidenced by the lucidity of Judy when meeting Jillian.IPTSF Text 51

They grow (possibly exclusively) in the Olive Garden at Efbaum and are a favoured tool in the machinations of the Florist Dame Olive Branch.

A pink flower similar to a heroine bud appears in the livery of Wanda Firebaugh, possibly as a memento of her service under Dame Olive. Glimpses of it can be seen on her sleepwear (her spaghetti strap and kimono), but the skull & flower begin showing up more prominently once she attunes to the arkenpliers (specific instances include the skirt of a just decrypted archon and Princess Cruz).


Heroine buds are a form of applied Flower Power.

Real World References

An apparently obvious reference to the addictive real world drug heroin (clinical name diamorphine), which is also derived from botanical roots (specifically the opium poppy) - albeit with significant processing.

This is supported by the name being a homophone for the drug.